Automated threat verification is a key weapon in cyber security readiness – Cisco

Readers of the findings of the Security Capabilities Benchmark Study in the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report may have felt a degree of concern. Concern, but probably not surprise. The global study surveyed cyber security heads in organisations of various sizes from different industries. It looked at their perceptions of cyber security operations and practices.

How to manage Cyber Threats in an ever-changing environment

One of the report’s key findings was that the confidence of cyber security professionals in their cyber security readiness seems to be dwindling as cyber threats become more sophisticated. The report concludes, inter alia, that organisations should deploy tools that detect threats, and explore effective solutions to help ensure an integrated threat defence.

So, why is confidence in cyber security readiness falling?

Too often, one hears concerns from organisations about cyber security solutions that just don’t deliver as promised. Customers not only feel they have wasted some of their precious security budget – they are also starting to lose faith in the efficacy of cyber security products. The dearth of solid, independent advice on the right technology to invest in is making it even harder for them to make an informed decision.

Automated threat verification brings a step change to how business can deal with cyber security risks

All organisations should look into deploying proven security solutions that integrate with and support existing investments and provide real benefits, rather than just believing marketing hype. The approach Huntsman Analyst Portal® takes involves automatically aggregating and examining threat information from a range of sources across the enterprise to deliver real-time threat verification. This approach brings huge advantages as the faster you detect and understand a security breach, the sooner you can respond, avert data loss, reduce impact, safeguard reputation, and meet regulatory obligations.

Automation also brings repeatable and streamlined processes that save analysts from fire-fighting, data-crunching, and dealing with a mountain of false positives. It frees them up to proactively seek out undetected threats, active attacks, vulnerabilities or signs of misuse or compromise.

Investing in automated threat verification technology doesn’t mean you have to ‘rip and replace’ your current security technology. A major benefit of automation for Huntsman Analyst Portal® customers, for example, is that they can integrate with, and leverage, their existing security investments and processes. It means that earlier security investments can continue to yield a return.

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Creating the right culture is also critical

As Cisco correctly points out, having the right technology is only part of the solution, because cyber security is built up by technology, people and cultural processes working together. All organisations also need to create a culture that underscores the importance of security, to provide an environment of cyber security readiness that is as close to Cyber Resilience as you can get.

You can read the key findings of the CISCO study here:    http://apjc.thecisconetwork.com/site/content/lang/en/id/5279.http://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_au/products/security/offers/cybersecurity-reports.html

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