Cloud Security

How Cyber Security Works in Digital Transformation

The term digital transformation seems to be on the tip of every CIOs’ tongue these days, and in most cases, it’s referring to moving services to the cloud, adopting consumption models for ICT and applications, and ensuring the business optimises its ICT usage through that transformational journey. Security is an underpinning capability that needs to transform along with the rest of the business, and in many cases, without security being an integral part of your new business model, the business will move from a position of being well-defended to entirely exposed. Security is the primary consideration in any digital transformation project, behind only one important aspect: user requirements.

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Cyber crime and cloud computing: Security perspectives

There is a clear and obvious trend for the greater adoption of cloud computing.  More and more businesses are deploying IT services and applications in this way as they seek simpler management, utility-based payments and less reliance on traditional datacentres and admin teams.  It would be rare to find an organisation that hasn’t adopted PaaS, IaaS or SaaS for some of their hosting or business applications.

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Cyber Resilience in a Borderless Enterprise – Considerations for Critical Infrastructure

The ICT landscape has markedly changed over the past five years; and change will not stop in the next five. Cloud adoption accelerates at pace and most organisations now use at least one of the popular as-a-service solutions from Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Even in the critical infrastructure industry, where operational technology networks were traditionally segregated from the rest of the corporate network, we are seeing a transition to cloud technology in refresh projects; particularly in the areas of monitoring, data analysis and proactive support systems.

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Cloud Services and Security – Considerations for better API Security

APIs are the vulnerable underbelly of modern hybrid cloud services. Organisations are moving to cloud services to save money, streamline IT provision and make the management of the infrastructure someone else’s problem. Yet moving to the cloud poses its own set of unique security threats, with new risks needing to be properly managed. Without a cogent and well thought through strategy, your shiny new IT solution could well be your company’s downfall. API Security must be a priority.

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Cloudy Skies Ahead: Cloud Security Monitoring to ASD Essential Eight

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) publishes guidance on implementing eight critical cyber mitigation strategies, which would be enough to fend off 85% of targeted cyber-attacks. The Auditor General has mandated compliance with these controls.  How will government departments incorporate this into their cloud security strategy? 

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