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GDPR Data breach notification services: 9 questions to ask service providers

When organisations investigate their obligations under GDPR one of the most significant challenges is the mandatory nature of the breach notification process. Organisations have 72 hours to inform regulators and notify data subjects as soon as possible thereafter. This blog look at some key considerations when researching GDPR Data breach notification service providers.

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GDPR data breach notification – Get a grip on the technicalities

One of the most hotly talked about requirements of the EU GDPR is the need to notify the authority within 72 hours of when a data breach is detected (in the UK this is the ICO – This requirement for data breach notifications is not unique to the EU, GDPR is supra-national so it applies to all organisations that process the data of EU citizens.  Additionally, other countries have, or are planning, similar rules to mandate. The UK will have to implement equivalent rules after Brexit in order to continue to exchange information with the EU; but countries like Australia have also set out their own mandatory data breach notification requirements which are similar to the EU.

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Data breach notification requirements: 7 ways the GDPR could ruin your day

The looming EU GDPR requirements around privacy, data breach notification and data protection (along with the equivalent UK legislation that will inevitably mirror EU regulations after Brexit), are causing bow waves through IT delivery, cloud hosting, security, compliance and privacy across organisations of all types and sizes.  How bad will a data breach notification actually be?

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Data breach notifications by the numbers: Hard facts for your business case

There is an entire industry springing up around the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the requirement for data breach notifications. It is really not necessary to search hard to find a law firm, consultancy, product vendor or service provider who can help you solve the many faceted problems that the GPDR presents or assist you in formulating your data breach notification process – there are also no shortage of marketing teams only too willing to explain how they can help and what their solutions offer.

The reality is that as a compliance requirement there are two sides to the changes that are necessary under GDPR – things you want to do and things you have to do.

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The 72 hours GDPR challenge

The 72 hours GDPR challenge. GDPR is nothing if not a dominant force in the cyber security industry’s marketing efforts and direction of travel.

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