Cyber Security Essentials

Security Logs – which ones to keep

Security operations teams know that log management is important, yet with every operating system, network device and application writing its own set of activity-related events, how do Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system administrators decide which security logs are important and which should be ignored. Let’s spend some time looking at today’s threat environment and from there determine a suitable answer.

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Viruses and cyber security operations

We are used to dealing with viruses in cyber security.  They are one of our most familiar threats. New ones come out all the time, we study them, we understand their signatures, and then we update the protection of our population of systems, devices and users to detect them and prevent infection.

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2020 Cyber Security Predictions

As 2019 draws to a close, one thing is certain – the management of cyber risk is becoming a mainstream, front and centre, business imperative.   Audit, compliance, security and governance are demanding cyber risks are managed with more accuracy and in a shorter timescale.  Read the 2020 Cyber Security Predictions paper.

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Improving Critical Infrastructure cyber security

The Australian Parliament hack, dubbed Australia’s “first national cyber crisis” by the Australian Signals Directorate, shows us all too clearly the risks associated with a targeted cyber breach.  When valuable information is accessed the damage can be irreversible.  This is particularly true for any country’s critical infrastructure sector.   The enduring question remains, realistically what can organisations do to fend off the advances from sophisticated, targeted attacks?

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Explore The Zero Trust Cyber Security Model

A contemporary defensive cyber security model, known as zero trust, requires organisations to fully develop and integrate the means to detect unwanted or suspicious behaviour throughout their business architecture. The legacy view that cyber security is fought on the perimeter battlefront doesn’t respect that most attacks originate from internal systems and applications already compromised. So, what does a pivot to zero trust mean for organisations who are keen to adopt this comprehensive approach to cyber security?

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