Cyber Security Essentials

The changing nature of cyber security insurance

Cyber security insurance used to be like any other risk management tool. Manage it by building internal expertise, outsource it to a specialist provider; or lay it off to an underwriter or insurer. Cyber insurance has been seen as an effective risk management...

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Operationalising IT security reviews

Commissioning or undertaking a security review is a familiar process for most security managers, internal and external auditors, CISOs and risk owners. The growing responsibilities of directors for the effective management of IT risk almost guarantees...

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Learnings from Black Friday and Manic (Cyber) Monday

With the recent past focussed on COVID-19, and lockdowns now starting to end around the world (certainly in the UK, Australia and the US), for many it’s time to turn their attention to one of the biggest retail events on the calendar. This year, in...

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The Damage of Downtime

Downtime disruption There has recently been a prominent example of how damaging a serious IT outage can be.  The hours-long interruption in service that Facebook (and its other platforms Instagram and WhatsApp) suffered recently, made news around the...

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Ransomware readiness 3 of 3: Recovery

How to deal with a ransomware attack is currently a matter of some debate. There is a school of thought that paying the ransom is a bad idea because it rewards the criminal and can be used to fund further attacks, possibly even on the same organisation. ...

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Ransomware readiness 2 of 3: Containment

In a previous blog, we talked about the rising threat of ransomware, how many solutions and approaches are geared towards detecting it, and how there are key things organisations they can do to prevent a ransomware attack. We spoke about some recommended...

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Ransomware readiness 1 of 3: Prevention

There is so much interest in ransomware at the moment that it almost feels like it’s the only cyber security problem we have to solve.  While that certainly isn’t the case, there is undoubtedly a renewed importance in being able to deal with this...

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