Cyber Security Essentials

Cyber crime: 8 ways to avoid it

No company wants to be the target of cyber criminals.  Attempts to steal data, IP and personal information, encrypt data to get money or create botnets for mounting other forms of attack are increasing all the time. The cyber security challenges that companies encounter continues to grow in the face of an increasingly organised and hostile Internet-based criminal fraternity.

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2019 Cyber Security Predictions

As we reflect on 2018 one thing is certain – cyber risk has become synonymous with business risk. Responsibility for your organisation’s cyber posture has escalated to senior management level; understanding your position has never been more important and awareness of external factors more necessary.  Read the 2019 Cyber Security Predictions paper.

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Cyber Security Quotes: “Life is NOT like a box of chocolates”

Finding good cyber security quotes is much harder than finding good movie quotes.  The classic film quote “Life is like a box of chocolates” in Forrest Gump became an instantly recognisable line and scene; the naïve and uncomplicated Forrest Gump – runner, shrimp fisherman, husband and father – having met presidents and fought in wars – sits simply on a bench and observes, to those who sit next to him, that his mother said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.  Cyber security quotes, like movie quotes, can be equally as enlightening.

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