Cyber Security Essentials

Explore The Zero Trust Cyber Security Model

A contemporary defensive cyber security model, known as zero trust, requires organisations to fully develop and integrate the means to detect unwanted or suspicious behaviour throughout their business architecture. The legacy view that cyber security is fought on the perimeter battlefront doesn’t respect that most attacks originate from internal systems and applications already compromised. So, what does a pivot to zero trust mean for organisations who are keen to adopt this comprehensive approach to cyber security?

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Cyber Trust – Developing Proactive Cyber Security

Our CEO, Peter Woollacott, recently attended the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco. As the primary cyber security trade show in America, RSA is an enormous cyber security showcase, comprising product wares from a multitude of cyber technology vendors.  A key theme throughout the conference was that of cyber trust and organisational trustworthiness.

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Cyber crime is a growing industry

Cyber security has been a growing industry for many years now. From the first forays into Internet communication and the rise of e-commerce, mobile devices, cloud computing and social media – there has been a steady stream of technological advancements and a growing regulatory imperative to drive continued growth in investment in security as these new ways of doing business – digital transformation – have changed the risk profile.

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2019 Cyber Security Predictions

As we reflect on 2018 one thing is certain – cyber risk has become synonymous with business risk. Responsibility for your organisation’s cyber posture has escalated to senior management level; understanding your position has never been more important and awareness of external factors more necessary.  Read the 2019 Cyber Security Predictions paper.

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