Cyber Security Innovation

MITRE ATT&CK: Levelling the cyber security playing field

Security operations, by their nature, are a highly technical and complex set of activities that demand SOC teams deeply understand the threats they face and the attack vectors they protect. Gaining complete coverage was challenging, and without architecture or standards to map their efforts, a comprehensive visibility of threats was impossible.

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SIEM Product Selection Criteria in 2020

Whether you’re building a Security Operations Centre (SOC) or replacing your existing security monitoring tools, when it’s time to evaluate the best Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product for your business, the decision on which platform best suits your needs should look beyond core functionality, such as security event log collection and correlation, rather you should evaluate its additional capabilities and integrations since the broader the functionality the more chance you’ll have of catching attackers on your network.

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Security Analytics: How to Discover and Prioritise Real Threats

Security Analytics solutions have expanded from rules-based detection to include data science methods such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.  This is in response to environmental factors such as growing data volumes, infrastructure complexity and the scarcity of skilled security professionals.  In this blog we’ll look at what Security Analytics is, its key capabilities and how the technology can better protect your organisation and keep your staff informed.

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Real-time Auditing of your Security Controls

Cyber threat actors are continually innovating in an attempt to bypass modern cyber security controls. Security systems must adapt at the same rate or faster to ward off this evolving threat, otherwise the criminals will eventually win. Organisations often rely on annual security reviews to assess their ongoing security posture, identifying deviations from an approved control set that leave them at risk. Nevertheless, security managers also require the means to monitor their organisation’s security posture in real-time, since waiting for the annual audit leaves them blind to non-compliances prior to the review. Let’s look at how key security controls can be continually monitored to provide a level of assurance that’s otherwise impossible to achieve.

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Measuring Cyber Risk: A Security Scorecard with Continuous Visibility

“If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

Whether you are a senior executive or part of a risk and compliance audit team, you need to have visibility of your organisation’s cyber security posture. Understanding vulnerabilities using a security scorecard will allow your organisation to accept the risk or put in place an action plan for improvement.

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Threat Hunting – Shifting Security Operations up a Gear

Security teams have relied on signature-based threat detection since the earliest days of the Internet, however, signatures alone have been for some time considered second best to a more intelligence based approach to fighting cybercrime. Threat hunting is the new discipline that’s giving SOC teams an edge over attackers.

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RSA Conference 2018 – The Key Cyber Security Priorities

This year’s RSA conference in San Francisco felt somewhat schizophrenic, with two distinct personalities coming through. The wise voice of reason came through first, suggesting vulnerability management and risk management should be our focus, while the younger more contemporary voice of progressive thinking pitched artificial intelligence and machine learning as the cure for all that ails us. Both are key cyber security priorities.

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Cyber Security professionals: How to build a sustainable team using automation

No one can deny that cyber security professionals are in high demand. Mounting pressure to fill large numbers of vacancies in the industry is seeing under-qualified and inexperienced candidates landing well-paid jobs because no one else is available. In parallel, a rise in demand for cyber security training is seeing people from all walks of life retraining to secure positions in the sector; some with little or no experience.  These scenarios will cause serious problems for our industry in the future as we seek to match wits with our cyber adversaries.

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Security Analytics – Hype v Reality

Forrester Research’s report: Top 13 Technology Trends S&R Pros Should Watch 2016 opened with a troubling statement:  

“Selecting security solutions has never been more difficult.”

Why is this the case? Are security vendors’ marketing messages too complex? Are threats being overstated?  Or is it that the cyber security problem is just too hard to solve? Understanding your organisation and its security requirements is fundamental to success. Let’s take a look at the issue and suggest a better way of analysing the problem, hopefully making life easier for cyber risk owners.

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