Ransomware readiness

Ransomware attacks, even in the education sector

Many organisations hold sensitive data. Just as some improve defences and get more secure, others become more prone to attack by hackers seeking out valuable yet vulnerable low hanging fruit. This was highlighted late last year with attacks reportedly...

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Black Friday

This time last year we blogged about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The context back then was the end of COVID-19 restrictions and the fragility of supply chains. We spoke both in terms of the instability in supply chains and the ransomware threats...

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Ransomware threats and cyber insurance

We recently blogged about industry events that Huntsman Security attended during September, and a survey we ran regarding challenges faced by attendees when it comes to ransomware and cyber insurance. We have analysed the survey results and produced...

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Learning from the wider cyber community

In the UK, September kicked off for Huntsman Security with attendance at a number of events as speakers, exhibitors, attendees or all three. The lively discourse, networking and exchange of ideas and views of Sept 22 were a wonderful change from the...

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Purple Teaming – Guidance through the pouring rain

There is growing talk in cyber security circles of a technique called “purple teaming”. The benefits sit beside red teaming and blue teaming in the emerging discourse. But purple teaming isn’t a form of security assessment espoused by Prince...

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Penknives and Ransomware Risk Assessments

Keen campers, scouts and even the Swiss Army know – that a good penknife is indispensable. This simple device has mitigated many a disaster at one point in time or another. Whether it’s to cut through a bit of string, tighten a screw or simply...

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