Security Controls & Resilience

Purple Teaming – Guidance through the pouring rain

There is growing talk in cyber security circles of a technique called “purple teaming”. The benefits sit beside red teaming and blue teaming in the emerging discourse. But purple teaming isn’t a form of security assessment espoused by Prince...

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NIS2 see you. To see you, NIS

Critical infrastructure and its security has never been more in the spotlight; and it’s no different in the EU. The number of cyber disruptions across the globe to key service providers like water, power and financial services suppliers has brought...

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The Damage of Downtime

Downtime disruption There has recently been a prominent example of how damaging a serious IT outage can be.  The hours-long interruption in service that Facebook (and its other platforms Instagram and WhatsApp) suffered recently, made news around the...

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Ransomware readiness 3 of 3: Recovery

How to deal with a ransomware attack is currently a matter of some debate. There is a school of thought that paying the ransom is a bad idea because it rewards the criminal and can be used to fund further attacks, possibly even on the same organisation. ...

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Ransomware readiness 2 of 3: Containment

In a previous blog, we talked about the rising threat of ransomware, how many solutions and approaches are geared towards detecting it, and how there are key things organisations they can do to prevent a ransomware attack. We spoke about some recommended...

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Ransomware readiness 1 of 3: Prevention

There is so much interest in ransomware at the moment that it almost feels like it’s the only cyber security problem we have to solve.  While that certainly isn’t the case, there is undoubtedly a renewed importance in being able to deal with this...

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