Security Controls & Resilience

Learning from the Interserve experience

Another GDPR breach was in the news this week following the latest findings made by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and covered by Lexology. What is the measure of effective cyber security is sometimes difficult to determine; particularly...

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Staff scarcity will impact your cyber security resilience

The shortage of skilled personnel in cyber security will continue to challenge organisations for some time to come. In Australia, recent figures confirm a deficit of more than 3000 specialists by 2026. In the UK, a recent study by Russell Reynolds Associates,...

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Huntsman Security shares 2023 cyber security predictions

Huntsman Security has published its cyber security predictions for 2023, including the importance of cyber security posture management, systematic risk management, and how ongoing changes will continue to be driven by the insurance industry. In addition,...

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Black Friday

This time last year we blogged about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The context back then was the end of COVID-19 restrictions and the fragility of supply chains. We spoke both in terms of the instability in supply chains and the ransomware threats...

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Learning from the wider cyber community

In the UK, September kicked off for Huntsman Security with attendance at a number of events as speakers, exhibitors, attendees or all three. The lively discourse, networking and exchange of ideas and views of Sept 22 were a wonderful change from the...

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Attack Surface Management

Sometimes new terms enter the lexicon that represent a genuinely new technique or approach to a problem; other times those similar sounding techniques can turn out to be solving a different problem.  This linguistic dance of marketers and analysts ends...

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Rumble in the cyber jungle

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission’s (ASIC) plans for 2022-26 include driving good cyber risk and operational resilience practices across all sectors of the economy for 2022-2026. A big question is how to simplify the process of...

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Purple Teaming – Guidance through the pouring rain

There is growing talk in cyber security circles of a technique called “purple teaming”. The benefits sit beside red teaming and blue teaming in the emerging discourse. But purple teaming isn’t a form of security assessment espoused by Prince...

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NIS2 see you. To see you, NIS

Critical infrastructure and its security has never been more in the spotlight; and it’s no different in the EU. The number of cyber disruptions across the globe to key service providers like water, power and financial services suppliers has brought...

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