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CRN: Australian Security Company Makes U.S. Launch with Focus on SIEM

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CRN: Australian Security Company Makes U.S. Launch with Focus on SIEM

Australian Security Company Makes U.S. Launch with Focus on SIEM

16 April 2015 (Source: CRN) An Australian security company entered the U.S. market Thursday with a plan to both disrupt and complement established security vendors in the threat management market.

Huntsman Security, as it will be known in the U.S., offers a portfolio that includes a broad range of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) technology that provides real-time insight into preventing cyberattacks.

The U.S. launch of the company also includes the global release of the Huntsman Unified Console, which aggregates the output of SIEM environments from multiple vendors, including Splunk, Hewlett-Packard ArcSight, Q1 Labs and Huntsman Security’s own technology, into a single dashboard for a consolidated view of enterprise threats.

Tier-3, as it is known in Australia, already is established on a global scale, including in Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan. The company is recognized for developing a patented behavior anomaly detection technology.

As it breaks into the U.S. market, CEO Peter Woollacott said the company will compete with vendors such as AppSense; Q1 Labs; McAfee, part of Intel Security; and Splunk but also will collaborate with them as it works to aggregate their solutions in a single pane of glass.

“I think, in one sense, we’re definitely competing with them; no question about that,” Woollacott said. “But, in another sense we’re complementing them. … Being able to complement the capabilities of those technologies and give a global view of what’s happening at the enterprise is a significant step forward in the threat management process.”

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4-step Guide to Killing Acquisitions

(Source: As we ramp up for RSA, it is interesting that one common cross vendor theme is coming up. HP’s ArcSight installed base has become the great SIEM [Security Information and Event Management] hunting ground. Meg Whitman has effectively killed yet another HP acquisition. Having been through some ugly acquisitions myself, I try to use every example of contrasting how to do these things right vs. how to do them very wrong. It seems that some executives either don’t want to do it right or they never really read the current definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different results.”

Don’t get me wrong, before Whitman came on board HP was kind of legendary for killing acquisitions. VoodooPC and Palm’s destruction were only the latest of a long string of firms HP bought and then systematically killed, wiping out millions to billions of value in what appears to be four easy-to-follow steps. Despite HPs past success in this area, Meg Whitman is turning doing it into a science. There appears to be no one better at killing acquisitions today than HP.

So this week, rather than focus on the firms that do this right, let’s focus on that magical skillset HP has for doing this masterfully wrong using ArcSight as the example.

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