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PRESS RELEASE: Huntsman Security solution voted “Best Security Product” at ISSA-UK summer conference

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PRESS RELEASE: Huntsman Security solution voted “Best Security Product” at ISSA-UK summer conference

LONDON, UK – July 07, 2017 – Huntsman Security is delighted to announce that its product suite received a “Best Security Product” award, voted for by the delegates and attendees at the ISSA-UK Summer Conference on July 6.

Reflecting the culmination and evolution of its security analytics, behavioural anomaly detection and attack detection technology, Huntsman®’s solution brings security analytics, automated threat verification and response capability to enterprises that are struggling to deal with the volume of alerts and false positives generated by modern security controls and the need to respond to real threats in a timely manner.

Andy Burston, Security Specialist at Huntsman® in the UK said: “This is a great endorsement of the solution – our approach to industrialise and automate the threat detection, verification and response process gives tangible benefits, including time and energy savings, repeatability and reduced time-at-risk to our customers.”

Philip Black, Huntsman®’s presenter during the ISSA-UK event added: “Really the people that deserve credit for this award are the development team at Huntsman®, they are responsible for turning the innovative ideas and designs we have into the end product that’s been successful today.

“The business value of being able to detect cyber threats more quickly, understand them and then automatically respond is pretty clear.”

This award adds to the recognition and acclaim the Huntsman Security portfolio has received, including being included in the Forrester Research Vendor Landscape and Wave™ for Security Analytics solutions and being shortlisted finalist in several awards including the National Technology Awards, UK IT Industry Awards and Cyber Security Awards.

Information on Huntsman Solutions can be found at:

Try our free 5 Step Cyber Security benchmark tool as a first step —> /resource/tools/5-step-cyber-security-benchmark-tool/


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About Huntsman Security:

Huntsman Security – founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cyber security specialist focused on real-time security analytics and threat detection, automated verification and resolution.

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Press Release: Huntsman awarded place in G-Cloud 9 Digital Market Place



LONDON, UK – May 24, 2017 – Huntsman® once again won a place in the primary UK government digital marketplace for IT products and services with its security Protective Monitoring Solution offering through the G-Cloud 9 framework.  The solution features include log and activity monitoring, compliance reporting and the ability to leverage advanced analytics and threat detection.

Huntsman®’s solution for public sector customers is aligned to past compliance standards and current guidance, including the former GPG13 guide and the more recent NCSC updated guidance on security operations and monitoring at

The solution is deployed as a virtual appliance on customer’s own on-premise or cloud environment and provides robust and comprehensive protective monitoring capabilities under their full operational control that includes cloud-based and local systems as well as network, platform and application logs.

Being available through the digital marketplace means that departments and agencies can purchase the technology and deploy it quickly through pre-approved commercial arrangements.

Huntsman® was the first software solution within the digital marketplace and has continued to offer self-managed, on-premise deployment and protective monitoring of both cloud and local systems since.

Full details are at:

Mairead Keaney, Head of EMEA for Huntsman Security, said: “Offering solutions to public sector customers through the digital marketplace means they can get easy access to leading-edge security analytics and compliance monitoring technology that is flexible to procure, deploy and operate.  It gives peace of mind and full visibility of security event activity across cloud and on-premise systems”.



About Huntsman Security: 

Huntsman Security – whose parent Tier-3 was founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cyber security specialist focused on real-time security analytics and automation to provide threat detection, verification and resolution.  Deployed in mission-critical security environments, national intelligence, border protection, banking and infrastructure globally, Huntsman offers defence-grade cyber security that proactively detects indicators of compromise and allows companies to quickly resolve issues. Huntsman® is deployed in complex, diverse environments across the world, and has offices in the US, Australia, the UK and Japan.


About G-Cloud 9 / Digital marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is the online platform that all public sector organisations can use to find and buy cloud-based services.  Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects, including:

  • Cloud services (for example content delivery networks or accounting software) through the G-Cloud framework
  • Digital outcomes, digital specialists and user research services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework


UK Media Contact:

Dominic Walsh

+44 (0) 20 7436 0420

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Press Release: Huntsman Security delivers on its promise to automate Cyber Security


Sydney, 8 December 2016.  Huntsman Security announced today the launch of its Automated Cyber Security capability that industrialises threat management using reliable, repeatable processes to decrease an organisation’s time at risk to seconds.

“Dealing with the volume and complexity of threats manually is no longer an option for organisations, the risks are too great” commented CEO, Peter Woollacott.  “Our customers can now automate a number of security functions, including threat verification and resolution to reduce risk and free up skilled security resources to focus on high value activity such as threat hunting and improving vulnerability management”.

The Security Director of an Australian Government department customer said:

“I am blown away by what we can see.  The level of visibility and insight it gives us is far beyond any that we had before.  The team is really focused now on investigating identified threats such as this one and building more proactive robust processes”.

The Huntsman Analyst Portal® Security Analytics capability was developed over 2 years and has been acknowledged for its real-time automated capabilities in Forrester Research’s Vendor Landscape Report: Security Analytics published in November 2016.  Huntsman’s state-of-the-art platform uses a variety of complementary technologies to deliver:

  • Threat verification to eliminate false alarms;
  • Immediately actionable threat intelligence;
  • Automated quarantining of devices engaging in suspicious activity;
  • Pro-active visibility and security management of the operating environment and the network, through vendor integrations such as Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE).

The benefits to any organisation are significant; both at a security operations and a business level. Analysts and risk practitioners get real-time visibility of incidents and relevant supporting intelligence for timely and effective response.  The resulting workflow efficiencies enable security resources to be redeployed in more effective proactive activities. These operational improvements enable the timely advice of threats that require a business response, in seconds rather than days and weeks.

Please contact Huntsman Security at for further information.


About Huntsman Security

Huntsman Security is a private Australian company that pioneered intelligent enterprise and cyber security with its landmark platform, Huntsman® Enterprise SIEM, incorporating intelligent machine-learning and Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD). In Forrester Research’s Vendor Landscape Report: Security Analytics, Huntsman® is now acknowledged for delivering an end to end process for information security management using real-time Security Analytics.  The capability delivers real-time safe automation to reduce an organisation’s time at risk.    Huntsman® is deployed in central government, finance and infrastructure environments in the UK, Japan and Australia.  See


Huntsman Security Media Contacts

UK          Dominic Walsh       +44 (0) 845 222 2010

AUS       Paul Wickham        +61 (0) 412 398 489              @tier3huntsman

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Huntsman Security updates trail-blazing cyber security analytics and automated threat verification platform


Massive growth in interest around security analytics, threat management and automation has driven rapid evolution of Huntsman Security cyber risk solutions with new version released today


Sydney, May 31 2016.  Huntsman® today announced the latest release of its enterprise-wide cyber defence technology.  This update enhances the security analytic capabilities, expands the cloud integration connector and delivers increased response capabilities.

“This new version builds on the existing capabilities we have in enterprise security analytics, machine-learning and automated threat resolution – extending the capabilities of the core technology and continuing to increase its maturity.” said Piers Wilson, Huntsman’s Head of Product Management.

Peter Woollacott, Huntsman® founder and CEO, said: “Building on our proven track record of machine-learning, anomaly detection and security analytics, Huntsman® is the first vendor in the sector to recognise and address the need for automated threat verification to re-engineer the detection-to-resolution process and reduce the time-at-risk.

This latest release maintains that innovation – and has been driven not only by our own R&D but also customer requirements and extensive discussions with leading market analysts.

Industry experts are now recognising and recommending the value of both machine learning and automation in the end-to-end cyber security threat management process.”

The latest releases of Huntsman Enterprise SIEM and Huntsman Analyst Portal®, now generally available, provide increased functionality in terms of the analytic capability to further improve threat detection, operator useability, and process automation to eliminate false positives and provide cyber security analysts with the information necessary to accurately respond,  at speed,   to only real threats.

Recent research by FireEye in the 2016 M-Trends report highlighted that 53% of breaches are still detected externally, with an average time from compromise to discovery of hundreds of days.  “As breaches continue to hit the news, organisations are increasingly looking to speed up the response and provide certainty to stakeholders that they have the necessary people, technology and processes in place to detect attacks and respond.” commented Piers Wilson.

The enhancements to cloud integration capabilities also deliver improved monitoring and visibility for businesses that have adopted cloud services for IT delivery.

Please contact Huntsman Security at for further information.



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2016 Cyber Security Awards, shortlisted finalists: Huntsman Analyst Portal

LONDON, UK – 16 May, 2016

Huntsman Analyst Portal has been honoured as a finalist of the Innovative Product of the Year for the 2016 Cyber Security Awards. The winners will be announced at the Cyber Security Awards dinner at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel on Thursday 23rd June.

Huntsman Security has earned the Innovative Product of the Year finalist status at the Cyber Security Awards for their Analyst Portal product. The Cyber Security Awards recognises leading individuals, teams, companies and products in the cyber industry. This includes not-for-profit organisations and start-up companies, as well as global leaders. Organisations and people from all over the world are eligible to submit applications, as long as they have a presence within the United Kingdom.

Huntsman Analyst Portal re-engineers the Incident Management process with automated analytics to hasten threat resolution and reduce time at risk. Its patented real-time machine learning and unique automated threat verification technology eliminates false positives and delivers relevant threat information to analysts to speed up resolution.


The Cyber Security Awards has 10 expert judges, who represent a broad spectrum of different backgrounds and organisations with the cyber industry. Their scores and debate will determine the 2016 Cyber Security Awards winners. The winners will be announced and celebrated during the awards dinner and presentation on June 23rd 2016 at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. The ceremony will be attended by the finalists, industry leaders, judges and sponsors.


Judge Karla Jobling said “To be nominated as a finalist is a great achievement as the competition this year is tough. As always, the judges are looking to reward high achievers within our industry and are looking for those who demonstrate passion and innovation, within cyber security.”


Huntsman Security CEO, Peter Woollacott said “It is great to be recognised as a shortlisted finalist as innovators in an industry that is so fast moving and dynamic anyway.  We know our customers value the advanced security analytic and automated threat management capabilities our Analyst Portal solution provides, and it is nice to gain wider industry acknowledgement of that too.


About the Cyber Security Awards

The Cyber Security Awards is a leading awards event for the cyber security industry. The event consisted of reception drinks, a 4 course meal and entertainment. The Cyber Security Awards is the ideal event to gain recognition for your success and to reward individuals or teams within the business. At the awards, you can network with leading industry professionals from consultancies, technology firms, defence businesses, FTSE250’s and public sector bodies.



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Huntsman Security Protective Monitoring Solution renewed for G-Cloud 7

LONDON, UK – November 23, 2015 – Huntsman Security is today able to announce that the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM solution, with in-built compliance packs and dashboards (including for GPG13) for the public sector market, has just been renewed and is available as part of the G-Cloud 7 framework on the UK government digital marketplace.

The Huntsman solution for public sector customers allows them to deploy the software as a virtual appliance on their own environment and to establish robust and comprehensive protective monitoring technology under their full operational control.  This includes cloud-based and local systems as well as network, platform and application logs.

Its availability through the digital marketplace means that departments and agencies can purchase the technology and deploy it quickly through pre-approved commercial arrangements.

Huntsman was the first and only software solution within the digital marketplace (formerly Cloudstore) under G-Cloud 5 and it continuers to offer self-managed, on-premise deployment and GPG13 protective monitoring of both cloud and local systems.

Full details are available at:

Mairead Keaney, Head of EMEA for Huntsman Security, stated: “Once again we are able to offer Huntsman solutions through the digital marketplace to buyers in the public sector.  The UK government’s needs for more flexibility in IT provision, simplified commercial processes and effective cyber security are ones that Huntsman Security have been happy to be able to support throughout the previous G-Cloud 5 framework and now will continue to serve as part of G-Cloud 7”.



About Huntsman Security: 

Huntsman Security – whose parent Tier-3 was founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cybersecurity specialist focused on real-time security detection, verification and resolution. Deployed in mission-critical security environments, national intelligence, border protection, banking and infrastructure globally, Huntsman offers military-grade protection that proactively detects indicators of compromise.

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Huntsman Security introduces the first automated threat verification to dramatically reduce time at risk

Huntsman Automated Threat Verification™ re-engineers the Incident Management Process to slash Time-at-Risk

 Huntsman, cybersecurity specialist to intelligence agencies in some of the world’s most demanding mission critical environments, today announced the introduction of the first vendor agnostic machine learning-based Automated Threat Verification (ATV) technology. With unprecedented levels of accuracy, Huntsman ATV automatically verifies in seconds whether reported threats are real, whether they pose an unacceptable risk to the organization, and what options are available for their mitigation. By eliminating false alarms and verifying the threats that matter, Huntsman ATV bridges the gap between detection and response by instantly sending high priority information to security analysts for their immediate attention.

“There has never been more security intelligence available to support cybersecurity specialists. The problem however is that there is a dependency on manual processing of this machine-generated information. Consequently, security specialists are struggling to isolate the real threats from the noise and valuable time is lost,” said Peter Woollacott, Huntsman’s CEO and co-founder. “In environments that generate billions of events per day, current solutions can’t scale for speedy detection or resolution. With ATV at its core the Huntsman Analyst Portal® dramatically reduces the critical delay between threat detection and resolution by focusing analyst resources on the threats that really matter.”

When compared to the timeliness of risk mitigation efforts for other business threats, Huntsman found that organizations, generally, remain exposed to cyber threats for unnecessarily long periods. This time-at-risk may be unintentional, but the implications are becoming increasingly clear. Cyber risk is no different to any other business risk and must be addressed similarly. This current extended delay, from infection to detection, is like leaving the windows and doors open in a bad neighborhood. It is highly risky and can be very costly for any organization. Huntsman ATV reduces this time-at-risk to seconds.

In May 2015, Ponemon Institute surveyed 350 companies spanning 11 countries to identify the financial risks associated with leaving a businesses exposed to threats.  The study titled, Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, found that the estimated mean time to identify threats is 206 days, with the mean time to contain them at 69 days. The average consolidated total direct and indirect costs of each data breach came to a staggering $3.8 million; representing a 23 percent increase since 2013. These delays are the result of Intelligence Overload caused by the mismatch, yet reliance, of human-scale analysis and interpretation of massive amounts of machine generated data. Huntsman ATV reduces this time-at-risk to seconds.

Huntsman Analyst Portal®, with its ATV technology, addresses this ballooning problem by eliminating false alarms and identifying only the threats that matter so analysts can quickly mitigate risks, pinpoint and isolate compromised assets and limit the time-at-risk. By streamlining routine activities and analyst workflows through automation, Huntsman Analyst Portal manages the scale of the analyst operations, simplifies their processes and frees them up to engage in the highly-skilled activities of hunting and security profiling.

“Though new to the US market, the Huntsman Security Platform has been providing machine-learning to its customers for over ten years, making it the most mature of the existing commercially available machine-based anomaly detection technologies. Strong mature detection and response technologies are drastically needed by security organizations. Those that leverage machine learning have shown the greatest effectiveness at generating actionable alerts for wide range of potential threats. Huntsman has shown an ability to reduce the delays between detection and response through both the elimination of false positives and automation of the threat management process thereby creating a huge win for overburdened response staff,” commented David Monahan, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates.

On November 3, 2015, Cisco announced the deep integration of their pxGrid technology with Huntsman Analyst Portal®.  pxGrid provides a suite of context sharing and network control capabilities that enable Cisco ecosystem partners to extend their reach into the network infrastructure and take “Rapid Threat Containment” actions.  Huntsman Security has integrated both the “User Access and Device context” and “network control” capabilities into the Huntsman Analyst Portal®, demonstrating the scale of its ATV capabilities.

“This is the cybersecurity industry’s first machine-based threat verification technology, and it’s much-needed. Detection technologies and services are becoming more and more effective at generating alerts for wide ranging potential threats, but this has resulted in increasing analyst overhead and delays from threat detection to incident response – there needed to be a way to automate analyst workflows so they can focus on what truly threatens the organization,” commented Richard Byfield, Founder & Managing Director at Datacom TSS.

Huntsman ATV is available now within the Huntsman Analyst Portal®, more information can be found at



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Press Release: Huntsman Security paves the way for “continuous compliance” with Business Risk Dashboards

Stakeholders at all levels across the organisation can access the true nature of risks and exposures in real-time

London, July 2015.  Cyber security threat management specialist Huntsman Security today made security and business risks meaningful to the wider enterprise with the latest iteration of its fully customisable Business Risk Dashboards (BRD). Business stakeholders from CEOs to business unit managers can see the precise risks to the business presented in terms they understand, rather than using excessive security and compliance jargon. Managers can take action as soon as threats or compliance issues arise, rather than waiting until they are flagged in regular audits. As a result, organisations can ensure continuous compliance, coupled with complete understanding of the risks they face.

“Organisations seeking to minimise risk have always faced two issues: recognition and response,” said Peter Woollacott, CEO, Huntsman Security. “Tell a CEO or sales manager about a breach in technical terms – systems, networks, databases – and the meaning and significance can be lost. Tell them that the business cannot accept customer payments until a problem is fixed and, despite essentially stating the same thing, they will quickly understand the issue. Yet making risks meaningful relies on them actually being identified. With most audits being a monthly, quarterly or even annual occurrence, issues can lie unresolved for weeks or even months. Huntsman® eliminates these issues; allowing business unit leaders to ensure continuous compliance and be permanently prepared for audits by giving visibility and understanding of risks in real-time.”

The emergence of security solutions has presented organisations with a wealth of information that is often presented in extremely specialist terms. The real-time threat detection engine at the heart of Huntsman’s Enterprise SIEM and Unified Console solutions means that its BRD interfaces provide organisations with fully user-selectable presentation of risk information that can be uniquely tailored to be meaningful depending on the needs of the user: whether that is the IT team, the sales manager, the divisional director, the audit function or the CFO.

The dashboard interface is fully integrated with the Huntsman® defence-grade security platform and builds on the company’s pedigree in compliance monitoring and visualisation, giving a fully flexible business risk view across multiple business domains, service customers or risk areas. By doing this in real-time, organisations can continually minimise risk.

“As cyber-threats grow in the 21st century, organisations are finding that a tick-box approach to compliance is not enough,” continued Peter Woollacott. “Good governance has always been about continuous improvement: constant awareness of the risks organisations face and ongoing action to reduce exposure and improve compliance. An organisation with a good understanding of risk and reduced ‘audit friction’ can act with far greater confidence than one that relies on a more intermittent and partial picture. As security, risk and compliance become increasingly intertwined, organisations that can implement continuous compliance and make risk meaningful to the business will be best placed to flourish.”

Huntsman Enterprise SIEM and Unified Console are available now across all territories with these new dashboard capabilities built in.  Please contact Huntsman Security at for further information.

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Press Release: Huntsman Security joins the Cisco Solution Partner Program

SAN FRANCISCO – May 28, 2015 – Huntsman Security® announced that it has joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program as a Solution Partner. The Internet of Everything (IoE) continues to bring together people, processes, data and things to enhance the relevancy of network connections. As a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program, Huntsman Security is able to quickly create and deploy solutions to enhance the capabilities, performance and management of the network to capture value in the IoE.

“The Cisco Solution Partner Program offers an exciting new opportunity for Huntsman Security as we expand our operation into the U.S.,” said Peter Woollacott, Huntsman’s CEO and co-founder. “Huntsman is a pioneer in cyber security detection, analysis and automated threat management. To coincide with this announcement, we have released our game-changing Huntsman Analyst Portal in the U.S., which automatically manages and correlates the increasing amounts of information necessary for quick and accurate threat resolution. By automatically collecting relevant threat information from Cisco and other threat sources, the Huntsman Analyst Portal verifies and streamlines the threat management process to dramatically ease and simplify the tasks faced by SOC operatives today.”


“Solutions like Huntsman Security help organizations better manage security threats. Effective security requires clever people, smart technology and appropriate processes. Datacom TSS has the people and knowledge to deliver security-focused outcomes through our Advanced Cyber Security and Incident Response Centre using specialist solutions, like Huntsman Security, under our trusted partner model,” said Richard Byfield, Managing Director, Datacom TSS.

The Cisco Solution Partner Program, part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, unites Cisco with third-party independent hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated solutions to joint customers. As a Solution Partner, Huntsman Security offers a complementary product offering and has started to collaborate with Cisco to meet the needs of joint customers. For more information on Huntsman Security, go to: Cisco Solution Partner Program Catalog profile.


About Huntsman Security  

Huntsman Security – whose parent Tier-3 was founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cyber-security pioneer that developed and patented behavior anomaly detection (BAD) technology to anticipate and prevent cyber attacks. With more than a decade of deployment in mission-critical security environments, national intelligence, border protection, banking and infrastructure, Huntsman offers military-grade protection that proactively detects indicators of compromise and allows companies to resolve issues in real-time. Huntsman is deployed in complex, diverse environments across the world, and has offices in North America, Australia, the UK and Japan.

The Huntsman Cyber Security Platform correlates internal and externally sourced threat information at high speed, automating routine pre-analysis and processing to contextualize diverse data sets and prioritize threats that matter. Using rules and behavior based engines – rather than relying only on ad hoc query-led data investigation or industry-based patterns – Huntsman combines machine learning with proven statistical algorithms to instantly and accurately isolate risky anomalies. This process is based on an organization’s unique data dynamics and provides precise, actionable intelligence for incident response in seconds.

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