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Cyber Resilience

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Over the last few weeks the topic of Cyber Resilience has been very high on the agenda, for Huntsman Security and in the wider industry around security and risk.

In the UK, Huntsman Security, following up on a prior event, held a breakfast briefing on precisely this topic with input from the Bank of England.

The 20th May Cyber Resilience event saw Huntsman joined on the stage at the HQS Wellington by Sir Tim McClement from PGI.  He spoke about his naval career and the lessons that can be learned from the front line of defence and intelligence within the modern Cyber board room.

Also featured was Chris Gibson, from CERT UK, for whom cyber resilience within enterprises is very much the day job; collecting, sharing and analysing cyber threat intelligence, promoting readiness and assisting on a national scale when issues happen. The role of CERT UK was brought into sharp focus by events like the NATO summit where world attention – both that of the press and the hactivist community – honed in on the assembly of the NATO leaders; as well as through the ongoing need for cyber resilience in the banking system and Critical National Infrastructure that many of us take for granted.

For Huntsman’s part, the importance of cyber resilience has been a driving force for some time. Acknowledging that threats are real, targeted and often successful means being able to pin-point them quickly, contain any ill effects and resolve the exposures in a timely manner.  Practically, this d lends itself to automation and machine based information gathering, diagnosis and resolution of confirmed threats not hundreds of prioritised alerts dropped in the laps of overworked security analysts to manual investigation, confirm their priority and respond.



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