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MITRE ATT@CK Webinar - Jun 2022

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Live Webinar: MITRE ATT&CK® – A Practical Approach to Implementation

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Live Webinar: MITRE ATT&CK® – A Practical Approach to Implementation

In this webinar, we will explain how to use the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, and the information within it, to improve your cyber attack preparedness and your detection and response capabilities. We will also look at how to prioritise the defence and detection mechanisms that will give you the best return. We will walk through:

  • MITRE ATT&CK® Tactics, Techniques, Mitigations and Detections and how best to use them
  • How to determine and prioritise the Techniques of greatest importance
  • How the MITRE Framework can improve your security posture and SOC efficiency (benefits)
  • Using single Mitigations or Detections to defend against multiple attack Techniques

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Live Webinar: The indiscriminate nature of ransomware in 2022

The rate of ransomware attacks may be levelling, but the severity of attacks is increasing. Stay current with both insights and knowledge on the cyber controls all organisations should have in place. We invite you to join us for our latest session that incorporates both current learnings + a Q&A portion to address any specific questions you may have.

Regardless of industry, organisation size, or location – all organisations should be aware of the risks and implications of a ransomware breach.
In our webinar session, we will walk through:

  • The three pillars to implement across your organisation, for managing your ransomware risk and aligning internal processes to government guidance;
  • Anticipating cyber insurance accessibility issues, and proven methods to support ongoing coverage as you renew each year; and
  • The types of quantitative reporting you will need at a management level, as well as the practical tools your SOC and ICT teams should have access to.

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ISACA Webinar – Ransomware: The risk that won’t go away

Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security will provide some of his insights on how organisations can better protect themselves against the ever increasing threats from ransomware and phishing attacks:

  • Ransomware trends: It is “everywhere”
  • Managing ransomware risks in practice
  • Prevention versus detection
  • Thoughts on cyber insurance

Piers has significant experience in cyber security, IT security and Information security (debate the difference) across a wide range of organisations in all sectors. This has spanned technology and business challenges for consultancy providers, solution vendors and customers. Piers also have excellent knowledge of broader issues related to cyber security; such as privacy, compliance and IT law.

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Top Cyber Risk Predictions for 2022

Peter Woollacott, Huntsman Security CEO and Founder is speaking at the Top Cyber Risk Predictions for 2022 Live Webinar, Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 01:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (New South Wales)

Discussions will involve strategies to negotiate the most comprehensive cyber risk transfer solutions in the primary, excess and reinsurance cyber marketplace for your organisation this year.

Reasons to attend the Top Cyber Risk Predictions for 2022 webinar:

  • Review the factors impacting the hardening of the global cyber insurance market.
  • Understand the strategies your business can adopt to secure optimal cyber risk transfer solutions for your business in 2022.

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Enterprise Security & Risk Management March 2022

Huntsman Security is a Silver sponsor of the Enterprise Security & Risk Management March 2022 Event, where Hunstman Security Head of Product Management, Piers Wilson is a keynote speaker.

ESRM is the UK’s premier enterprise security and risk management event connecting enterprise with business, the ESRM series of events has a long-held and highly regarded reputation for bringing together the leading actors, thinkers and organisations who are tasked with and possess expert knowledge of what constitutes effective enterprise security and risk management.

You can read more about the event and register here: ESRM March 2022

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NSW Government Cyber Showcase 2021

Huntsman Security is sponsoring the NSW Government Cyber Showcase 2021 online event on Monday 22 November 2021. With the ongoing digital transformation of the NSW Government, cyber threats are not only changing but are becoming increasingly complex. Join us online for a presentation Top 5 cyber security elements all Public Sector Senior Leaders should have visibility of by Martin Buckland, General Manager APAC, Huntsman Security.

You can read more about the event and register here: NSW Government Cyber Showcase 2021 – Public Sector Network

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Top Underwriting Concerns for Cyber Insurance Renewals

Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time: 01:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (New South Wales)

Duration: 1 hour

Registration: here

As the pace of cyberattacks intensifies and massive cyber claim payouts continue, insureds that are unable to meet strict underwriting requirements can be subject to significant rate increases, and may even be unable to obtain cyber insurance coverage at all.

Reasons to attend the webinar:

  • Review the most common underwriter questions asked during the insurance application process.
  • Explore proven strategies to address and remediate cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to obtain optimal cyber insurance coverage while minimizing rate increases.

Register here

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Webinar. Ransomware: Understanding your Risk and Readiness

Join Huntsman Security and Senior Forrester Analyst, Jess Burn as she discusses key considerations for security leaders as they prepare with their teams and their executives for ransomware risks; while concurrently working to improve the management of their security controls and posture.

We will will provide an overview of guidance, issued by a number of Governments, that details prevention, containment and recovery measures to protect against a ransomware event.

We will discuss how these safeguards can lead organisations toward stronger ransomware resilience through:

  • instituting internal security measures and controls;
  • regular assessment of the effectiveness of cyber risk management strategies,
  • and system and data back-ups to support incident response and recovery plans.

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Managed Services Summit London

Huntsman Security is sponsoring the 2021 Managed Services Summit London.  The Managed Services Summit is in its tenth year and firmly established as the leading Managed Services event for the UK IT channel. The 2021 UK Summit will provide insights into how managed services continues to grow and change as customer demands expand suppliers into a strategic advisory role, and the pressures for compliance and resilience impact the business model at a time of limited resources. You can read more about the event and register here: Managed Services Summit UK 2021.

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ATT&CK® is the best form of DEFENCE


Equip your SOC leaders and team to harness the global knowledge of the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, and identify threats and mitigate attacks across your organisation.

Following this 60-minute professional development webinar attendees will have:

  • An understanding of the MITRE Corp. credentials, their highly regarded CVE software vulnerabilities efforts, and the growing adoption of ATT&CK® as the international lexicon of threat intelligence
  • The latest insights and a high-level understanding of the value of the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, and how SOC teams can access this globally recognised threat knowledge base
  • Steps to share with your SOC team, on how to use MITRE to contextualise threats and mitigate attacks to your organisation.

Join us to hear from our speakers, Adrian Bishop, Head of Engineering and Technology and Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management (both from Huntsman Security) on this exciting new area of SIEM development.

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