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As a cloud service provider your business is in demand.  The rapid rise in the adoption of cloud services over the last 5 years has resulted in nearly all organisations jumping on the digital transformation train and placing at least part of their IT operation within the cloud.  However, as privacy and cyber security compliance legislation grows, your potential customers need to know that security will be an integral part of your service.  Can you provide that assurance to your customers and does your existing technology have the ability to scale as your business grows?

Delivering cloud monitoring and security as part of the cloud operating model, and in many cases being able to either assure or demonstrate this security to customers, is increasingly being seen as a way to break down sales barriers and to differentiate services to risk-savvy buyers.


Multi Tenant SIEM for Cloud Security

Huntsman Security provides a flexible and feature rich security monitoring and incident management solution to cloud service providers who have specific security and compliance requirements placed upon them; or who have a need to undertake monitoring of their own systems or those of customers. Here are just some of the capabilities:

  • Multi-tenancy design enables separation of data from different customer environments or virtual datacentres within single management system; enabling one view for management but partitioned data for customer consumption.
  • Pre-defined compliance packs comprising alerts, queries/reports and dashboards enable technical teams and management to gain a clear view of compliance status in real-time across all systems.
  • Flexible deployment and licencing options enables capability to grow and flex with the business as the cloud service customer base grows.
  • Support for a wider range of security solutions, platforms, virtualised environments and network infrastructure elements means maximum visibility and minimum effort to get up and running quickly.

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