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In the financial sector security and risk are closely linked, the implications of a breach often have a direct and meaningful impact on the business –whether resulting in a compliance and regulatory issue, impacts on the privacy of customers, fraud or financial loss or even effects on external financial markets and confidence.

Past failures, for example in role based access management, have led to large fines, massive losses and even in some cases the collapse of organisations.

Finance is a common target of cyber attack too – phishing and online fraud are often used to attempt to gain access to bank accounts and steal identities for fraudulent purposes or to directly siphon money out of the accounts of customers.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman® is an ideal solution to address the security monitoring, compliance and cyber security needs of financial sector businesses.  It combines market leading security analytics, immense flexibility around data formats and sources and deep understanding of anomalous behaviour within the security and fraud areas.  Huntsman® delivers:

  • Advanced security, misuse and fraud detection using 2nd generation behavioural anomaly detection (BAD2.0) and correlation.
  • Real-time, high throughput event processing and analysis capability.
  • Management of alerts and incident context from cyber security solutions and malware controls within the incident triage and analysis process.
  • Compliance monitoring reporting and dashboards for a variety of security standards such as ISO27001 and PCI-DSS.
  • Long term, multi-platform data and query handling to meet regulatory needs for data retention.

It can work as a pivotal part of the cyber threat management infrastructure to minimise exposure to fraud, reduce the prevalence and impact of privacy breaches and give assurance to compliance teams and regulators.

Case studies/Resources

Financial sector case studies include:
  • Australian credit union
  • Retail Bank
  • Managed Investment Services


White Papers:
  • Fraud Prevention & IT Security
  • Mobile Computing: Top of the risk list
  • Cloud Computing: Multiplying the risks


Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:
  • ISO27001
  • NIST standards
  • SOX
  • APRA PPG 234