Critical National Infrastructure



Cyber Security in Critical National Infrastructure is under increasing pressure.  The extent of networks that support the control and SCADA systems key to the generation and delivery of power, the management of water filtration and waste disposal and the management of gas supplies, pipelines and distribution; alongside the often mammoth task of managing a large number of customers, and handling data relating to usage, payments, connection status etc, and it is clear to see that security in this environment is complex.  This extends beyond just utilities and increasingly the automation of plant and other “real world” systems.

Much has been written about security within industrial control systems.  There is considerable regulatory pressure from advisory groups and national governments – for example through CPNI in the UK and via the federal regulations and NERC standards  in the US.

Events like the Stuxnet security breach, a library of other security and systems failures and the roll out of smart metering within the domestic utilities market have also shone the spotlight of security risk onto a sector that has to deliver highly complex, geographically and mission critical IT services.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman Security is well suited to meeting the high security, real-time visibility and assurance found with the CNI sector.  Its ability to handle complex network structures,  deal with extremely high data rates and to monitoring a wide variety of data types and source means its suitability for these highly critical environments is clear.  Huntsman® provides:

  • Effective, real-time collection from a range of standard and bespoke data sources – including specific systems that support ICS, SCADA and other related technologies.
  • Data separation and management to allow different security domains or operational environments to co-exist within the same monitoring solution
  • Inbuilt compliance support for major government and federal standards as well as PCI-DSS where payment and billing systems require compliance monitoring.
  • Full incident lifecycle and investigation support, as well as the ability to integrate into other system management tools.
  • Business and technical dashboard displays to deliver ‘at a glance’ security and compliance status for operators, technicians as well as senior management.
Huntsman Security White Papers with particular relevant within the infrastructure sector:
  • Threat Intelligence Solution Brief
  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection – Behaviour: Good, Better or BAD
  • Cyber security risk – Cyber Risk – Assume you’re breached
  • CNI Protection: Time to get serious
Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:
  • FISMA / NIST SP800-53
  • GPG13
  • ISO27001
  • ISM