Operating as it does in often complex, hard-to-manage environments, targeted for its valuable Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by those wishing to carry out espionage, cyber security in mining is challenging.

Mining organisations clearly contain particularly high value data in terms of the research and exploration.  Their workforces can contain large numbers of contractors and other third parties, who may be targets for journalists and environmental activists as well as the more normal cyber risk actors.

Mining is a business with large investments and large revenues; no part of the operation is simple and the rising complexity of IT and the increasing risks from cyber security have not left this sector unaffected.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman provides an effective and comprehensive security monitoring, threat detection and compliance reporting solution that delivers:

  • Real time pattern based and behaviour based alerts and analysis to detect “unknown unknowns” that could indicate cyber attack or insider misuse as well as known cyber risks.
  • High capacity, high throughput and flexible data handling to account for large, complex mission and safety critical IT systems and large and diverse user populations and technologies estates.
  • Both technical and business focussed information displays, real time dashboards and reports to give the right people the right views of security control status.
  • Cost effective flexible licensing to cope with highly volatile and responsive deployments and IT operations
  • Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:
  • FISMA / NIST SP800-53
  • GPG13
  • ISO27001
  • ISM