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Cyber Security in retail has been under increasing scrutiny since the massive, high profile Target breach in 2013.  The exposure of millions of customer details and credit card numbers as a result of a combination of poor vulnerability management, ineffective response and exposed point of sale systems has led to a realisation that for these organisations security must go beyond simply achieving PCI-DSS compliance.

Target has not been the only retailer to suffer at the hands of hackers of course; eBay, Neiman Marcus and Office also suffered attacks during 2014.  Verizon, in their 2014 data breach report, even called 2014 the year of the retail breach.

The impacts have also been extreme, as well as the investigation costs and fraud exposures relating from the Target breach, several senior executives found themselves out of a job.  Hence management level and C-suite attention to security effectiveness is rising – and the need to be able to deliver accurate and timely security and compliance status information is likely to be a key feature of future retail sector security investments.

Huntsman Solutions

Tier-3 Huntsman® delivers security monitoring capabilities that major retailers and wholesalers, both on and offline, demand:


  • Business dashboards showing security and compliance status in real-time
  • Inbuilt compliance reporting to relevant standard including PCI-DSS and ISO27001
  • Correlation and behaviour anomaly detection processing that enables targeted attacks, anomalous activity in systems and networks and unusual trading patterns to be detected.
  • Full incident lifecycle and investigation support.
  • Flexible data model and log source support to enable processing of not just core systems and platforms, but also to take feeds from applications and sales systems.
  • Highly cost effective licensing models that are volume based rather than being tied to EPS rates – in the highly seasonal and peaky work of retail, Tier-3 doesn’t make you scale security monitoring to cope with your busiest day and leave you overpaying for quieter times.
  • Simplified deployment and configuration to get monitoring capabilities and compliance dashboards up and running quickly.

Case studies/Resources

Huntsman Security’s white papers on Threat Intelligence, Behaviour Anomaly Detection, Fraud detection and Cyber security risk have particular relevance for retail organisations:


  • Threat Intelligence Solution Brief
  • Behaviour: Good, Better or BAD
  • Fraud Prevention and IT Security
  • Cyber risk: Assume you’re breached


Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:


  • ISO27001