Cyber Security in Telecommunications and networking services is highly complex.  Modern business customers need bandwidth and reliability and often rely on their telecommunications supplier for a range of IT related services.

Often these services include the hosting or provision of managed services like mobility and remote access, cloud based services and hosting as well as pure network communications.

The delivery of reliable connectivity and IT solutions and the provision of security around hosted customer systems as well as the telecommunications providers own IT environment, billing systems and applications is key.

Gaining visibility of issues and threats as they occur and having sufficient information and context to troubleshoot, investigate and resolve them plays a major part in meeting security service management objectives.  With massive connectivity and ubiquitous Internet access comes risk, and these risks must be understood and controlled.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman solves several problems for telecommunications providers:

  • Fast, real-time security monitoring across a wide variety of systems types, network components, application platforms and host operating systems.
  • Status dashboards aimed at both the operations centre user and a higher business audience.
  • Rapid ability to investigate data to triage and diagnose security issues with the intuitive and flexible query interface to understand what has happened and what the impact has been.
  • Support for threat intelligence derived from across a network as an input to the security incident detection process – re-using critical insights and attack histories to continuously improve the security of services and customer systems.
  • Compliance reporting for internal use or across a customer service or hosted/managed system.
  • Multi-tenancy support for either different service domains or to ensure customer data separation in monitoring, hosted services.
  • Cost effective licence model based on functionality and data volumes rather than throughput.
  • The ability to manage multiple, fully queryable data repositories from a single interface.

Case studies/Resources

Telecommunications providers using Huntsman technology include some of the largest and best-known organisations in this global market.  Case studies are available on request.

 White papers with particular relevance within the network service provision and telecommunications space include:
  • Threat Intelligence Solution Brief
  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection – Behaviour: Good, Better or BAD
  • Cyber security risk – Cyber Risk: Assume you’re breached
 Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:
  • ISO27001
  • FISMA / NIST SP800-53
  • GPG13