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In the academic sector there are often competing pressures between the need for openness and flexibility in IT systems provision for staff, researchers, students and campus visitors; as well as a need to safeguard and protect what can be immensely valuable IPR and research data from loss, theft or modification.

In an environment that fosters exploration, research and inquiry and often makes significant bandwidth and computing facilities available, security issues can arise and take many forms from misuse of systems by authorised users, to external attacks, to the connection of rogue devices and shared credentials.

Huntsman Solutions

The Huntsman Security platform is a highly scalable and cost-effective way for organisations in the academic sector to deploy fully functional and flexible security and cyber threat monitoring technology that gives real time view of issues as they arise and can deliver reports for longer term breach statistics or trend analysis. Huntsman® offers:

  • Cost effective and flexible licence model.
  • High throughput and processing rates achievable on commodity hardware using performance optimised stream processing engine.
  • Ability to take data feeds in from an extensive range of event sources, either using inbuilt parsers or through the fully customisable, universal agent – allowing the wide range of technologies found in academic environments to be handled with ease.
  • Compliance reporting and real time management dashboard displays for both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD) engine to detect possible malicious activity or misuse, network spikes and abnormal traffic patterns that could indicate signs of attack or the mis-appropriation of computing resources and bandwidth.

Case studies/Resources

Tier-3 has close links with the education sector including several of UK cyber security academic centres of excellence and is a regular sponsor of the Royal Holloway university, Information Security group alumni conference.

Tier-3’s white papers on Behaviour Anomaly Detection and Cyber security risk have particular relevance for the higher education sector.

  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection
  • Cyber risk: Assume you are breached

Huntsman provides out-of-the box compliance packs for:

  • ISO27001