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Financial Services and Banking

blog post talking about cyber security in the financial services sector and how to manage the risks

Information security and compliance solutions for Financial Services and Banking

Huntsman Security’s solutions support the Financial Services and Banking sector in protecting critical information assets and meeting the growing number of obligations to regulatory requirements.

In the financial sector security and risk are closely linked, preventing data breaches and the associated fallout of financial loss and reputational damage is critical to your organisation’s success. Critical responsibilities include protecting the privacy of customers personally identifiable information (PII), meeting government and industry regulatory requirements and supporting security auditing by your security teams and external auditors.

Huntsman Security can help meet security and compliance obligations

Real-time monitoring with Enterprise SIEM

Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM with inbuilt threat intelligence and behaviour anomaly detection, can  monitor and support the management of threat detection activities and your obligations to a growing number of security standards, an ongoing and often overwhelming task.  Whether it’s the July 2019 APRA CPS 234, PSD2 , PCI DSS or GDPR falling short of your commitments is not an option.

Explore Enterprise SIEM

Security Posture measurement with the Essential 8 Scorecard

Huntsman Security’s Essential 8 Scorecard measures the effectiveness of your organisation’s security controls; controls designed to defend against cyber attacks and insider threats.  It provides continuous, objective cyber metrics via dashboards and automatically distributed reports to key stakeholders across the business.

Essential 8 Scorecard Trend Reporting

Essential 8 Scorecard – Trend Report

Explore Security Control measurement tools

Learn more about cyber security for Financial Services and Banking

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