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Government Cyber Security Software & Solutions

a look at different Governments' cyber security strategy

 Governments cyber security strategies

Cyber Security in Government is of paramount importance.  Whether you work for a central department or federal agency; or a local department, council or authority; you are responsible for large quantities of sensitive data that can be a prime target for cyber-attacks.

Delivering essential services to the public and operating systems and networks that are critical to citizens and national security resilience is a day-to-day challenge.  These platforms often underpin key functions of society such as defence, immigration, taxation, health and social care or municipal services.

All governments recognise operating in the digital world is the future; digital transformation is inevitable for everyone.  It is important to defend against cyber risks and ensure the continuity of the business through this transformation.  Huntsman Security works with UK and Australian Government departments to monitor, detect and respond to cyber-attacks and reduce time at risk.

Federal Governments’ cyber security regulations

Government systems almost universally exist within a tight regulatory regime around security and cyber risk.  In the US we have seen the rise of the FISMA regulations and the NIST standards that govern security (especially NIST SP800-53), in the UK the policy and standards output of Cabinet Office and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) apply and in Australia the Information Security Manual, ISM, governs federal ICT security controls.

Federal Governments’ cyber mitigation strategies

UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

On 1st October 2016 the UK government opened a single, central body for cyber security, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The body manages national cyber incidents and provides support, guidance and advice to UK government departments, industry and SMEs.  NCSC published guidelines for organisations that need to protect themselves online, called the 10 steps to Cyber Security.

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is part of  the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), an intelligence agency in the Australian Department of Defence. The agency is responsible for foreign signals intelligence and information security. In February 2017, ACSC published the ACSC Essential 8 mitigation strategies,  which they assert mitigate 85% of cyber-attacks.

The Australian Federal Government mandated the Top 4 of these mitigation strategies for government departments back in 2014.  The Australian Signals Directorate considers the Essential 8 to be the  cyber resilience ‘baseline’ for all organisations.

Measure your cyber security posture

Huntsman Security has developed solutions to provide immediate and ongoing measurement of security controls effectiveness using the ACSC Essential 8 framework.  By measuring your alignment to just eight key security controls you can reduce your organisation’s risk exposure.

Explore Security Control Measurement Tools

Achieving cyber resilience with Huntsman Security

Huntsman Security’s high speed Enterprise SIEM has inbuilt threat intelligence and behaviour anomaly detection to deliver:

Flexibility and Visibility 

  • Operates across on premise, cloud  or hybrid environments
  • Accurate and continuous view of in-built compliance standards
  • Reliable metrics for governance review
  • Advanced threat detection, incorporating behaviour anomaly detection
  • Procurement flexibility should you wish to buy direct (including the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace), through integrators or service providers

Improves effectiveness of resources

  • Removes the unknown of compliance self-assessment and reporting
  • Instantly identifies non-compliance for remediation
  • Local support, security cleared staff and specific in-house government expertise

Huntsman Security has a range of certifications to support its government business. In the UK the company holds Cyber Essentials certification, is a government listed supplier and has made the solutions available on the G-Cloud store.  In Australia, Huntsman Security’s solutions can be procured through the Digital Marketplace.

Download Enterprise SIEM Brochure

Learn more about cyber security for Government

Huntsman Security’s resources detail practical steps to help build your organisation’s cyber resilience and fulfil your compliance obligations:

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