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MSSP Cyber Security Technology

how to build a SOC

Technology to scale your Managed Security Services

Whether you’re a Managed Security Services provider or a Managed Services provider looking to expand into security services, there has never been more demand or opportunity.   As privacy and cyber security compliance obligations grow, so organisations are driven to finding a solution; they simply don’t have the skills, resources or appetite to take on their own security management delivery processes.

Given the size of the market opportunity, does your security technology have to ability to scale as your business grows?

Managed Security Services providers today provide a broad range of services; everything from simple “on demand” management of firewalls rule sets through to full proactive security monitoring, threat detection and incident response.

In an increasingly competitive market you need to deliver differentiated services, with a high level of assurance and automation and repeatability, as well as providing key expertise and diagnostic ability when a security incident arises is vital.  And for an MSSP, more than that of a traditional business, this detection, triage, understanding and escalation often has to work within a tightly defined service level and with greater accuracy.

Case Study – Developing Managed Security Services

Multi Tenant SIEM for Managed Security Services

Huntsman Security’s SIEM for MSSPs sits at the core of your security operations centre to provide a flexible and feature rich security monitoring and incident management capability for managed security services.  It delivers:

  • A single view of the entire MSSP estate and individual customer reporting
  • A streamlined workflow in your security operations centre
  • Robust data management, separation and access control mechanisms
  • Threat awareness between and within customer networks
  • Highly flexible licencing models
  • Scalability to meet the evolving requirements of your business and your customers

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Learn more about cyber security for MSSPs

We have a number of resources that can help you develop your managed security services offering.  You can access them here:

Request more InfoResources for developing Managed Security Services