Managed Security Services


Technology to scale your Managed Security Service

Managed security services emerged in response to the market need of organisations that didn’t have the skills, resources or appetite to take on their own security management delivery processes.

Managed Security Services providers today provide a broad range of services; everything from simple “on demand” management of firewalls rule sets through to full proactive security monitoring, threat detection and incident response.

In an increasingly competitive market the need to deliver differentiated services, with a high level of assurance and automation and repeatability, as well as providing key expertise and diagnostic ability when a security incident arises is vital.  And for an MSSP, more than that of a traditional business, this detection, triage, understanding and escalation often has to work within a tightly defined service level and with greater accuracy.

Managed Security Services – Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman Security provides a flexible and feature rich security monitoring and incident management solution to managed service providers:

  • Multi-tenancy design enables separation of data from different customer environments within single management system; enabling one view for management but partitioned data for customer consumption.
  • Pre-defined compliance packs comprising alerts, queries/reports and dashboards enable technical teams and management to gain a clear view of compliance status in real-time across all systems.
  • Comprehensive incident response capabilities to enable SOC analyst to effectively diagnose and triage alerts and pass these onto a customer point of contact or an internal expert for further analysis.
  • The ability to draw in threat intelligence from the wider internet or derived locally from across customer silos and monitoring operations to speed up detection of attacks spanning multiple systems and to enable faster triage and understanding of repeated attack patterns.
  • Flexible deployment and licencing options enables capability to grow and flex with the business as the service customer base grows.
  • Support for a wider range of security solutions, platforms, virtualised environments and network infrastructure elements means maximum visibility and minimum effort to get up and running quickly.

Managed Security Services: Case studies/Resources

Huntsman Security can provide a specific briefing paper on Huntsman® solution within Managed Security Services environments:


  • MSSP Solution Brief


In certain sectors the need for compliance either at a service provision layer or within individual customer enclaves means that a range of standards must be supported.  For example Huntsman enables compliance reporting as part of:

  • ISO27001
  • FISMA / NIST SP800-53
  • GPG13
  • APRA PPG 234
  • ISM
  • SOX