Central & Federal Government



Cyber Security in Central and Federal Government is challenging.  There are different sensitivities to address, ranging from the top secret end of intelligence and defence down to citizen records and Internet accessible on-line services, forms, and information provision.

Government collectively is a prime target for security and cyber attack – originating from other foreign powers (both hostile and friendly) and from activists and those with a political motivation.  It also has to contend with being the subject of numerous journalistic investigations and individual challenges.

The volumes of information held, the amounts of money and the numbers of people involved mean that fraud is a perpetual risk; whether insider driven, through exploitation of identity or directly through attack on online services.  Multiple security levels and separate data domains often further complicate the provision of Government IT systems and security management.

All this combines within a sector that is publicly funded hence is often dealing with challenging budgets, political imperatives and a need for tight procurement controls, accountability and oversight.

Government systems almost universally exist within a tight regulatory regime around security and cyber risk.  In the US we have seen the rise of the FISMA regulations and the NIST standards that govern security (especially NIST SP800-53), in the UK the policy and standards output of Cabinet Office and CESG apply (where for example Good Practice Guide 13 specifies protective monitoring controls) and in Australia the Information Security Manual, ISM, governs federal security controls.

Huntsman Solutions

Government is a sector that has traditionally sought out advanced, capable technologies that deliver real cost benefits and value. The Huntsman® Security Platform provides an ideal solution to the protective monitoring, compliance reporting and cyber security needs of central/federal government.

Huntsman® delivers:

  • Advanced cyber security and threat detection, incorporating intelligent behaviour anomaly detection, for the most demanding security environments and most exposed or high risk networks.
  • In-built compliance standards to handle federal standards and reporting requirements (including FISMA/NIST standards, GPG13, ISM, ISO27001 etc.).
  • Cost effective licencing options providing both capital and operational expenditure options.
  • Local support, security cleared staff and specific in-house government expertise.
  • Procurement flexibility for organisations who want to buy direct (including in the UK through the G-Cloud store) or through integrators and service providers.

Huntsman Security has a range of certifications to support its government business.

  • In the UK we hold Cyber Essentials certification, are a government listed supplier and have made our solutions available on the G-Cloud store.

Case studies/Resources

Huntsman Security has several government customer cases studies.  Other contacts and references at higher sensitivity/security levels are available and can be provided on request.

Our compliance guides for the government sector include: