State & Local Government



In the state and local government sector there is often a complicated balancing act between the sophistication of IT systems and online services, the funding arrangements and the security, compliance and privacy demands of both citizens, employees and the regulatory authorities.

Many state, county or local level services are highly critical and support directly the provision of services to children, vulnerable adults, community care and citizens – yet are often constrained through both government-level security requirements, spending challenges and in many cases the need to comply with specific security standards (like PCI-DSS for cardholder details resulting from local service provision).

Couple this with a need to operate at the front line, often “in the field” and in a mobile way and deliver access and communications online to citizens, parents, schools, libraries and various other civic stakeholders and security, fraud and cyber risk emerge as particularly difficult problems.

Defending highly personal data, protecting against fraud and addressing cyber security risks need specialist technologies that can deliver a solution that meets both the risk levels, delivers a compliant solution and works out to be cost effective to sit within a local government publicly-funded budget.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman Security can provide security monitoring, cyber-security, threat detection and compliance solutions ideally targeted at the needs of this demanding and diverse sector.

Huntsman®, is easy to procure and deploy – offering both capex and opex models, being available as software or in virtual appliance form to sit within existing hardware or virtualised environments and including as standard both the functionality the public sector security analyst and risk manager needs and the inbuilt compliance reports, alerts and business dash boards that keeps the compliance and audit functions satisfied. The solution delivers:


  • Compliance packs for ISO27001, ISM, GPG13, FISMA/NIST SP800-53, PCI-DSS
  • Flexible procurement and deployment capabilities (including through the UK G-Cloud store)
  • Ability to cope with multiple business domains, security levels and stakeholder communities
  • Advanced cyber security, threat detection and fraud analysis capability for higher risk or online services
  • Structured data management model to enable real-time operation and reporting, with longer term flexible data storage, management and archive
  • Threat intelligence capability to draw in known internal risk factors, community threat intelligence and publicly available indicators of compromise

Case studies/Resources

Huntsman Security has several public sector case studies.  Other contacts and references in related sectors or industries are available on request.

  • ISM papers
  • ASD papers
  • Threat Intelligence Solution Brief

Our compliance guides for the local government sector include:

  • GPG13
  • ISM
  • ISO27001:2013