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Infosec – more information than you can shake a light saber at

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After last week’s UK Infosecurity Europe one thing emerged for sure – there is no shortage of security products trying to detect external attacks and no shortage of service vendors and information brokers who will gather that data together and then repackage it for sale.  Once again the dominating trend was: ”the bad guy is out there, lets try and stop him getting in”.

Huntsman Security, as well as unveiling our new branding and messaging, found that visitors to our stand were tiring of continual vendor scare stories of threat types or actors that closely aligned to the protective capabilities of their particular products. What did resonate however was around the need to focus on the security operation processes as a funded, end-to-end, operational activity.

We found that there was wide acceptance of concerns resulting from the increasing flood of available security information. There was acknowledgement of the need to automate manual tasks such as information gathering, diagnosing threats and the nature of attacks – to hasten the speed to resolution yet retaining the expertise and skills of analysts in the process.

Most attendees agreed that security silos that permit data abstraction are re-emerging. Business scopes around compliance and risk mitigation are operating, in parallel to technical streams around malware, insider threats and network anomalies.  The need to collect and deliver visualisation of the enterprise risk picture, in one format, was acknowledged as vital, and something that the competitive nature of the security market doesn’t serve well in its rush to encourage customers to rip-and-replace one solution for another.

Finally, returning to information…. the volume of it. Threat Intelligence again featured large; coupled with the growing portfolio of security and detection solutions. No one was really talking about the challenges faced by the scarcity of security analysts to dealing with all this and to understand the nature of a threat and so as to make rapid, accurate and sound decisions about their nature and what to do about them.

Demonstrations of the Huntsman answer to these issues resonated with a lot of people.  If you weren’t there and would like to find out more, please contact us.

One vendor, at least, cornered the market and successfully shifted more Jedi hardware than anyone selling security technology on the day.  Adrian Bishop, our Head of Engineering, acquired two light sabers and continues to find them as useful as most other technologies in reducing false positives.


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