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Cyber Security Business Intelligence Interface



LONDON, UK – August 12, 2019 – Huntsman Security has expanded its security analytics and scorecard toolset by partnering with Panintelligence to develop a fully-featured business intelligence (BI) dashboard and reporting interface, ‘WebView’.

Designed for management stakeholders, SOC leaders and customers of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) that use Huntsman Security products, ‘WebView’ delivers market-leading BI technology via highly advanced, responsive graphical displays to browsers and mobile device users.  It includes flexible options for customisation, configuration and the ability to drill into incident and alert data based on the user’s roles and priorities, allowing them to:

  • Understand specific incident/alert details
  • View security operations team performance statistics
  • Validate MSSP service levels, exceptions and active cases

‘WebView’ enables security functions to provide rich, interactive views of cyber security risk and control effectiveness across the parts of the business they protect.

Business Intelligence interface for Huntsman Security solutions

‘WebView’ dashboard

Peter Woollacott, CEO, Huntsman Security said:

“‘WebView’ allows our business users to examine security performance just as they would any other aspect of their business operations.  And for mobile users on tablets or smart phones the interface gives them instant, on-demand access to the latest risk information.”

‘WebView’ is available now as part of new Huntsman Security Next Gen SIEM solution deployments and for existing customers.


About Huntsman Security

Huntsman Security – founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cyber security specialist focused on supporting its customers’ cyber resilience with real-time security threat detection, verification and resolution products.

Their Next Gen SIEM & Security Analytics, Automation and Scorecard solutions are deployed in mission-critical security environments in the national intelligence, border protection and critical infrastructure sectors globally.  Huntsman Security’s offices are located in Sydney and London with operations in Tokyo and the Philippines.

About Panintelligence

Fast-growing business intelligence and data analytics software developer Panintelligence is based in Leeds, UK.  They provide BI and analytics platforms, which are used across a wide range of industry sectors and embedded within solutions to provide real-time business intelligence dashboards and predictive analytics.

Huntsman Security Media Contact

Dominic Walsh       +44 (0) 20 7436 0420              @tier3huntsman