Huntsman Business to Business Editions

Huntsman Business to Business Cyber Security Editions have been developed to support organisations providing business-to-business services in the MSSP and Cloud space.

Business to Business Cyber Security: Huntsman MSSP Edition

Huntsman MSSP edition is specifically optimised for the MSSP market:

  • Comprehensive security monitoring and compliance reporting capabilities, coupled with multi-tenancy to enable customer data separation.
  • Multi-customer security status dashboards, scalable and flexible licensing and one-touch reporting complete the package.

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Business to Business Cyber Security: Huntsman Cloud Edition

Huntsman for Cloud providers is a comprehensive solution for security monitoring and cyber threat detection:

  • Support for core cloud infrastructure components and as part of value added services for customers.
  • Dashboard displays aggregate data relating to individual customers
  • Flexible licencing and multi-tenancy allow elastic deployments that can respond to utilisation and system demand.
  • Data source self-registration minimises operator load.

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