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Huntsman Software Add-Ons

Huntsman Software Add-Ons have been created to enhance the security capability of the core Huntsman Security Platform – to support your business’s security needs as it grows and evolves.

Huntsman Software ADD ON – Extended Data Repository
  • Automatically manages data – distributing information across multiple repositories to allow optimised use of disk storage and system performance.
  • Reduces contention for critical operations and enables queries and reports to run across multiple data repositories in parallel.
  • Data management allows definition of retention and archive rules; with complete flexibility around how long different pools of data are retained and aged out to slower storage.

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Huntsman Software ADD ON – High Availability Licence
  • Huntsman supports a number of resilient clustered or HA architectures with highly cost effective licencing for back-up, fail-over or active-active operating models.

This ensures security monitoring and visibility is continuous and avoids outages and backlogs building up if system or network faults occur.
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