Huntsman Add On – Extended Data Repository

The Huntsman Extended Data Repository enables full, unified management of all log and event data and flexible retention policies. It also provides an extended access and query window across all data from a single interface, irrespective of the location of information.

Another major advantage is that Huntsman avoids the need to replace existing investments in software or hardware, and provides a means to access longer-term data across distributed repositories.

With Huntsman Extended Data Repository, your enterprise will benefit from:
  • One interface across all data repositories. This means that data management, movement, storage, retention and hierarchy can make best use of both live platforms and cheaper hardware or media for less commonly retrieved data
  • A single, unified query interface. This allows simultaneous, expanded query processing to include older data in any investigation – returning complete sets of results more quickly, without the need for manual intervention
  • Pre-set and forget policies. These enable automated data flows, retentions, disposals and long-term backup, freeing analysts up for the more productive tasks of incident investigation and response
  • Multiple data repositories working in parallel. These enable the primary monitoring systems to focus on real-time event and alert processing rather than unnecessarily querying extensive historical data
  • Automatic management and compression of longer-term archive data. This enables extended data retention with no loss of granularity
  • A highly cost-effective licence model. This enables savings in both up-front and ongoing costs, with no loss of query or access functionality.


Huntsman - EDR



  •  Completely flexible storage with pre-defined and automated retention and data movement across repositories
  • Distributed query processing across all data / large data sets to speed retrieval and provide unified data query outputs to analysts spanning current/live and older/dormant data
  • Support for unlimited layers to account for high volumes and long retention requirements due to legal, compliance or business operational reasons.


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