Huntsman Add On – High Availability Licence Pack

The Huntsman High Availability Licence Pack delivers fully resilient, reliable security monitoring without interruptions or service downtime.

It’s the ideal companion to the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM, MSSP Edition, Cloud Edition and the Unified Console.

The Huntsman High Availability Pack augments the capabilities of these platforms to deliver, when required, true active-active or active-passive resilience and effective system failover.


Huntsman - HALP


Your enterprise will benefit from:

  • Reduced risk through robust and comprehensive service availability, continuity, resilience and failover to support operational service levels
  • A quick return on investment.
  • Supports a fully resilient, clustered active-active arrangement
  • Creates an active-passive failover topology to provide continuous service if the primary monitoring solution platforms are off line or the network connection to the primary location is interrupted
  • Can add resilience or failover/back-up platforms at any time
  • Continuous real-time security monitoring.

The Huntsman High Availability pack applies to:

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