Huntsman Add On – Multi Tenancy Pack

Huntsman’s Multi-Tenancy Pack is specially designed for cloud providers and MSSPs requiring a state-of-the-art security platform.

The Huntsman’s Multi-Tenancy Pack allows organisations to separate customer data and reporting, and segregate data at the database and administrative access control layers.

This means organisations can clearly separate and manage their federated business elements according to their different risk profiles, security compliance standards and data retention policies.

With the Huntsman Multi-Tenancy Pack, your enterprise will benefit from:

  • Economies of scale – Huntsman allows enterprises to amortise shared infrastructure costs across multiple users
  • Tenant-centric operation and service delivery – from Huntsman’s full end-to-end separation between business units and security domains
  • Efficiency – Huntsman generates automated global and domain-specific data analysis and reporting
  • Flexible, cost-effective licensing – Huntsman’s licensing models support large federated enterprises, plus tenant on-boarding and value added services
  • Ease of management – Huntsman’s multi-domain dashboards deliver a single ‘pane of glass’ for global or single tenant view of compliance and threat information.


Huntsman - Multi Tenancy



  • Full end-to-end separation of data for compliance or management purposes, but with unified visibility
  • Global cross-domain reporting and security monitoring as well as individual domain-specific views
  • Support for different monitoring, alerting, reporting, data management and retention policies across different domains and containers
  • Multiple options to segregate, categorise and create structure within the data set across a monitoring estate based on systems, security domains or business units
  • Full role-based access control model that enables configurable privileges for security operators and audit teams
  • Ability to easily grow and evolve the monitoring domain structure to match changes in the organisation without major architectural changes or the need for additional instances or separate data silos.



The Huntsman Multi-Tenancy Pack will enhance the following Huntsman products:


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