Huntsman Unified Console

The Huntsman Unified Console provides federated cyber security; it enables organisations with separate business units, and multiple SIEM and operational domains, to modernise the presentation and consolidate access to their security information.

It presents a holistic view for federated cyber security management and a consistent interpretation of risk and compliance.

With the Huntsman Unified Console, your enterprise will benefit from:


  • Ease of integration – Huntsman easily integrates and interprets information from multiple legacy SIEM environments
  • Lower operating costs – Huntsman has a single centralised console for for global management oversight, investigation and reporting Enterprise-wide information – Huntsman dashboards enterprise or domain based reporting, alerting, event tracking and incident information
  • Increased ROI on SIEM investments – Huntsman leverages underlying SIEM platforms to present a unique dashboard interface with business intelligence drill-downs for easy ad hoc or routine investigation
  • Reduced cost of compliance reporting – Huntsman automates standardisation of threat information for global compliance monitoring , analysis and reporting.



  • Simple-to-interpret dashboard and security reporting capabilities across multiple business units, compliance standards and stakeholder communities
  • Easy implementation of global policy compliance standards across independent non-standard SIEM environments
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting cycles for easy visibility, analysis and compliance monitoring of global security information
  • Role-based access and management views that present local and aggregated security information to operations teams for risk and compliance management, and to senior executives to highlight the business implications of security and compliance risks.


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