Retail Bank Case Study

A single view of operations

Retail Bank Case Study

‘We needed a system that gave us a single view of our operations and our security environment, and one that alerted us to all potentially serious events.’

Key terms and topics addressed:

Retail Bank Case Study
  • Regulatory compliance, compliance monitoring, compliance audit, forensic audit
  • Event logs, log collection, log management, information silos, risk mitigation
  • Security Incident Management, security information and event management, SIEM
  • Real-time alerting, security response, single view of network

Client requirements

This case study features the Australian arm of an international bank, renowned for innovative products for consumers and businesses. Rapid growth saw the bank acquire disparate IT and security systems in response to specific demands, which created information silos. These silos prevented IT staff clearly seeing cyber security threats, tracking them and coordinating effective responses. The bank acquired Huntsman to meet these key objectives:

  • To provide IT security staff with a single view of events across the network
  • Log Management that ensured complete data sets for forensic audits
  • Flexible compliance monitoring and reporting that met regulatory requirements
  • Ease of use, deployment and implementation and responsive technical support.
Retail Bank Case Study