MSSP Case Study

‘Huntsman’s LiveView is simply one of the best tools for finding the “needle in the haystack”.’

This MSSP is part of a global group offering Managed Services in IT security, governance, risk and compliance management. In Australia, the MSSP provides IT security services for government organisations that handle highly critical and sensitive data. Information assurance is paramount, as is effective security and risk management.

After a full evaluation of several solutions, the MSSP chose Huntsman for its:

  • Log management solution, which has no volume or capacity constraints
  • Scalable and modular design that readily adapts to future changes
  • Capacity to correlate events and find faults across the MSSP’s multi‐layered network
  • LiveView console that yields a single, holistic view of the complex threat environment.

Key terms and topics addressed:

  • Governance, IT risk management, data breach protection, adaptive security
  • Modular IT security solution, log management and scalable storage, easy deployment
  • Data protection, data integrity, security audit, infrastructure protection
  • Event correlation, real-time threat identification, prioritisation and response
  • Single console view of network, real-time event analysis and response.

Download the MSSP Case Study