PCI DSS Compliance Guide OVERVIEW

PCI DSS Compliance Guide Overview

This Compliance Guide shows how an advanced Security Information and Event Management system like Huntsman meets the challenge without leaving security gaps. Huntsman:

  • Continually monitors network traffic, end points, servers, databases, applications and existing security systems for alerts, abnormal behaviour and suspect activity
  • Monitors and alerts on additions, deletions, lockouts, and modifications of user IDs, privilege escalation of user access to card holder data and invalid logical access attempts
  • Enables IT security staff to connect the dots between apparently unrelated events, thus enhancing the organisation’s PCI DSS compliance.
Key terms and topics addressed:
  • PCI compliance, database access monitoring, security and risk management
  • Data assurance, application security, data breach protection, fraud
  • IT risk management, event contextualisation and correlation; real-time access monitoring
  • Behaviour anomaly detection, suspicious activities, baseline of normal activity
  • Operational risk mitigation, proactive compliance monitoring.

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