State of SIEM 2014

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Gartner observed in its 2013 SIEM Magic QuadrantWe continue to see large companies that are re-evaluating SIEM vendors to replace SIEM technology associated with partial, marginal or failed deployments.’

With the stakes being raised every year,  you should rethink what your SIEM needs today to outwit a smarter adversary.

In this fully-referenced White Paper, we explore:
  • What major users are demanding from IT security vendors in 2014;
  • Why security experts are urging vendors for more intelligent, more integrated platforms;
  • How you can add specialist solutions to make your SIEM work harder:
  • Why real-time monitoring is crucial for early detection and greater situational awareness;
  • Why Threat Intelligence is most useful in conjunction with behaviour-based techniques.

Download the overview