Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions

Huntsman Security provides enterprise cyber security solutions to fulfil both compliance and advanced security objectives.  In an environment where advanced malware, cloud computing, virtual machines, mobile devices and social networking operates it is vital to provide protection, yet allow authorised access, comply with regulations and, at the same time, ensure efficient operation. Visit our solutions pages here:


Respond in real time

Huntsman® meets the challenge with an intelligent, integrated approach. Huntsman®:

  • Consolidates all your security data into a single addressable repository
  • Provides a single view across your whole security environment
  • Links seemingly unrelated events that are otherwise hidden in silos
  • Uses Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD 2.0) to detect those that are unusual
  • Analyses and correlates to pinpoint unusual events which are also risky
  • Triages alerts so you can focus on the few genuine threats and take immediate action
  • Provides real-time security, data protection and compliance monitoring.

Scale up with ease

Huntsman® Defence Grade Security platform is a flexible, modular design.  At the core is the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM which builds to incorporate different elements according to your organisation’s needs, so you can grow your security and compliance capability as needed, easily and cost-effectively.