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Are you looking to comply with APRA PPG 234?

APRA’s Prudential Practice Guide (APRA CPG234) is published by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). It provides guidance to regulated financial institutions on how to effectively manage Information and IT security risks.

In September 2013, APRA released the Prudential Practice Guide PPG235 “Managing Data Risk” that identified data risks evident from their ongoing supervisory operations. PPG235 complements  the earlier and now renumbered CPG 234 “Management of Security Risk in Information and Information Technology”.

Huntsman Security’s APRA PPG 234 compliance guide 

Our APRA PPG234 Compliance Guide provides you with:

  • A summary of the key recommendations from PPG234
  • Demonstration of how Huntsman Security’s Next Gen SIEM technology maps to its recommendations


Concepts covered by the APRA PPG234 Compliance Guide 

  • IT security risk, IT security monitoring; user monitoring, event logging
  • Log Management, compliance monitoring; automated compliance reporting
  • Data loss, data leakage, fraud, misuse, access controls, authentication
  • Real-time monitoring & incident management; reporting and escalation
  • Risk assessment, compliance controls, independent audit, performance monitoring