ASD Top 35

In 2010, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) published a list of strategies ‘ASD Top 35’ to mitigate ‘targeted cyber intrusions’ based on its own operational IT security experience in defence and other government agencies.

The 2011 version (winner of the SANS Institute’s 2011 U.S. National Cybersecurity Innovation Award) was updated in 2014 and recognised that all Australian organisations (not just government) holding valuable information are targets, but they may not detect successful intrusions for some time after the attack.


This Huntsman® ASD Top 35 compliance guide addresses the main points from the latest updates including that:
  • Users have become attack vectors (executives, PAs and system administrators)
  • Social engineering techniques are used to gather intelligence for the attack
    • The principal bait is a spear phishing email, apparently from a trusted source
    • The malware is planted in attachments or in embedded links to malicious websites

It shows how Huntsman technology maps to the main strategies defined in the document.


This Huntsman®   ASD Top 35 compliance guide covers the following key concepts:
  • IT security risk, IT security monitoring, threat mitigation
  • Event logging; log management, forensic replays, compliance monitoring
  • Data breach, policy breach, fraud, misuse, access controls, authentication
  • Real-time event monitoring, alerting & incident management, analysis, reporting
  • IT risk management, Security Information and Event Management