Solution – Cyber Threat Management

Cyber Threat Management

Cyber Threat Management solutions that reduce time at risk to seconds

Cyber Threat Management enables early identification of threats.  When your organisation is running threat detection systems, you’ll be aware they can generate an avalanche of data on potential threats and indicators of compromise, which your security team then needs to assess and respond to quickly.  This threat verification triage is getting busier and more time consuming month on month, year on year, exposing organisations to immense risk of loss.

Cyber Threat Management: What Huntsman Security solutions can do for you…

  1. Reduce your business’s time at risk
  2. Allow your Security Team to focus on investigating ONLY threats that matter
  3. Free up time for proactive threat hunting
  4. Deliver significant Cyber Security ROI


On average, it takes businesses 191 days to detect infections, and a further 66 days to resolve the problem.

Even with threat detection solutions that deliver extensive threat context – the problem prevails. Security alerts are bundled within an avalanche of data on potential threat and indicators of compromise, which your security team needs to manually investigate and verify if the threats are real.

Huntsman Analyst Portal

Huntsman Analyst Portal automatically verifies ALL security alerts in seconds – closing the gap between Threat Detection and Incident Response.

Machine learning facilitates automated correlation to deliver an Automated Threat Verification (ATV) process. Huntsman’s unrivalled speed and accuracy deliver four major benefits:

  • It slashes the time at risk to seconds by dismissing benign threats, eliminating false positives and immediately diagnosing and resolving live attacks and real threats.
  • It automates routine investigation workflows, and streamlines the processes of your security operations team members, so they can focus on the most severe threats, and then analyse, validate and mitigate them.
  • Frees up time for proactive threat hunting.
  • It delivers a significant Cyber Security return on investment.



“The end result [of deploying Huntsman] is faster and more accurate security decisions, shorter threat queues, and a far shorter time at risk — seconds, rather than hours or longer. This reduces the dwell time for attackers as well as numerous costs associated with breach response and forensics.”

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), on the speed and accuracy of the Huntsman Security solutions

Cyber Threat Management: Support products

The Huntsman Analyst Portal® incorporates all capabilities offered within the Huntsman security suite – no add-ons are required. For existing SIEM users wanting to enhance their threat management capability, the following products can be added to the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM

Huntsman Behaviour Anomaly Detection

Eliminates the continuous job of writing new rules, alerts and scripts. It establishes a dynamic, multi-dimensional baseline of normal user, system and network behaviour across the organisation and continuously monitors for activity that deviates from these learned patterns for early warnings of malicious intent – which are immediately verified and notified to Security staff.


Huntsman Threat Intelligence

Uses an holistic approach to threat intelligence gathering by ingesting wide-ranging external and internal threat data and translating it into applied security intelligence – improving detection, contextualising security monitoring activity and improving the speed, accuracy and consistency of decisions.


Huntsman Multi Tenancy

Enables a federated view of multiple sector business’s threat landscape, whilst at the same time allowing clear separation and management of those different elements according to their different risk profiles, security compliance standards and data retention policies.