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If your organisation has multiple business domains, federated security operations or separate geographic operations, and you are required to have separate data and operations, then you need first-rate multi tenancy capability.

Your checklist should include:

  • Security enforcement and monitoring systems that are centralised, scalable and able to handle the needs of a multi-customer or multi-domain estate
  • Partitioning, segmentation and robust access control within the application and underlying database – this is particularly the case for businesses that collect a broad range of security data for analysis, correlation, reporting and display
  • Base policies and monitoring rules that can be applied across domains
  • The ability to detect issues in one area, and increase vigilance automatically across the wider estate
  • A system that saves the cost and burden of a new management instance each time a new silo is created – this is particularly the case for highly elastic environments such as cloud providers.

You’ll also be requiring multi tenancy capability that is geared to your own specific industry challenges and requirements.

Cloud providers and MSSPs

For cloud providers and MSSPs (managed security service providers), security monitoring can be inherently complex. This is because data sets from multiple customers or cloud enclaves must be collected, but kept separate. The same is true for operational data from infrastructure or core service layers that are vital to the delivery operation.

Financial sector

In financial organisations, there are often geographical boundaries for data sovereignty, physical or logical divisions in networks and applications, and role-based access controls. Where centralised security monitoring, threat detection,  and compliance reporting are necessary there must be a unified security and compliance  framework that supports local access to the organisation’s  areas and a centralised view across the entire business.

Government systems

Government systems commonly support multiple security levels – ranging from low risk systems with common exposures to the highest security platforms with a corresponding threat model. The separation between these zones is rigidly reinforced, often with solutions like diodes or even air gaps. Monitoring in these environments is often concentrated at the highest level, forming a structure where data is collected from lower layers and aggregated and analysed centrally.

In each of these sectors, Huntsman is the ideal application to deliver multi tenancy capability.

Why you should choose Huntsman

Huntsman takes a unique approach to multi tenancy. It partitions data while still grouping alerts across the entire service estate for an over-arching view of the security landscape. Huntsman’s key benefits are:

  • Multi-tenancy and full end-to-end data separation for subdivisions, business units or security domains
  • Variable retention policies and archive approaches per container or customer for regulatory compliance purposes
  • Centralised views, dashboards and reports across all data for higher-level oversight
  • Cross-business unit and/or per-domain data model and reporting
  • Flexible licencing for dynamic environments
  • Massive scalability: On-boarding of new service customers without needing additional instances
  • Comprehensive access control and auditing model to enable management visibility and reporting
  • Granular role-based access control
  • Supports legislative, regulatory, sovereignty or compliance rules
  • Low cost operation due to a single common service infrastructure and security operations team

In addition, Huntsman supports completely variable risk profiles and alerting policies for different silos.

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