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Cloud Security

Digital transformation is necessary for your businesses to compete and succeed in today’s economy.  With all the efficiencies and cost savings that cloud has to offer, it makes for a very alluring proposition.  However, concerns persist around cloud security and privacy risks.   Does your organisation need assurances of information security in a digital environment? Do you have visibility of your cyber posture?

Who has responsibility for cyber security in the cloud?

You may think that by outsourcing to a cloud provider, the old security considerations are no longer relevant, and that it will be the cloud service provider that keeps your data safe. This thinking is dangerous, you can’t simply outsource risk.  The majority of cloud providers protect only the containers their services reside in (i.e. the tenancies for any given service and customer). The important stuff (the data and configuration) within that container remains the responsibility of your organisation, and is normally excluded from any service contract.

Your organisation’s compliance requirements against legislation and governmental rules won’t change, even when the way ICT is procured does. Your business will remain accountable for its data.

Cyber Security considerations for the cloud

Choosing to migrate all or part of your data to the cloud means that you need to ensure the rigours of on premise cyber security are applied in your cloud environment too. You will still need:

  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of threats
  • Automated verification and containment of threats
  • Real-time visibility of your organisation’s cyber posture against regulatory requirements or government recommendations

How Huntsman Security can help with your cloud security

Cloud protective monitoring

Huntsman Security delivers a powerful, easy-to-deploy cloud security solution to protect your data. The software integrates with cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure to verify your compliance against a range of standards including:

Cloud Security outcomes that Huntsman Security solutions deliver

  • Fully integrated compliance and monitoring solution
  • Continuous visibility of compliance posture against required standards 
  • Instant alerting of any deviation from compliance controls across a hybrid environment 
  • Single unified view of all activity across the entire enterprise – whether cloud or on premise

Support your Information Security team

  • Simple provisioning and easy to use security operations and compliance dashboards
  • Easy to query interface for current and historical events
  • End-to-end alert tracking, investigation and resolution
  • Role-based access, workflows and visibility to support data integrity and reporting


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