Solution – Cyber Resilience

Huntsman - Cyber ResilienceToday, it’s a matter of when – not if – your organisation’s security will be breached.

No industry, organisation or individual is immune. And governments, banks, retailers and healthcare organisations are particularly vulnerable. 
While the risk of cyber attack can’t be eliminated, there are steps you can take to build cyber resilience, and minimise the risk of financial loss and damage to your brand. Enterprise Cyber Security solutions  are needed more than ever.


The challenge for organisations

Your cyber resilience strategy should be built around three key processes: prevention, detection and response.



Prevention is your first line of defence. But a major problem is that cyber criminals continue to find ways to circumvent new solutions and controls.



Which means that detection, your next line of defence, must be one step ahead of would-be attackers. The failure to quickly detect an attack can result in massive, and embarrassing, impacts.



When your organisation comes under attack, it’s critical to detect and understand events quickly, quarantine systems, limit wider infiltration and infection, and avert data loss. This means having technology that supports the resolution process – providing intelligence, automated analysis and workflow support for security experts.

The need for a fully integrated prevention-detection-response platform has led a growing number of organisations to choose Huntsman Security as their go-to solution to build cyber resilience.


Why you should choose Huntsman enterprise security software to protect your business

Whether your enterprise is on premise, hosted or cloud Huntsman has four key advantages over other platforms on the market.


Integrated attack detection

Huntsman’s key advantage is that it integrates its own detection engines with other security solutions that detect known threats – like firewalls, IDS/IPS and sandbox – to deliver a comprehensive security strategy that removes any potential blind spots. When an attack is detected, Huntsman investigates and prioritises reports from across the security infrastructure, so analysts can quickly respond.


Integrated incident management

Huntsman provides a fully integrated incident management solution from the moment an alert is raised. It provides state-of-the-art incident tracking, information gathering, workflow, escalation and management reporting.


Automated, efficient response – in real time

Huntsman provides real-time information from the start of the breach. It provides attack and situational awareness data, indicators of compromise, host and end-point infection information, user and execution context, network traffic flows and session information.

This means your security team can quickly understand the reason, nature, origin and impact of an attack.

Huntsman can also execute pre-defined responses or alert APIs to proactively avert attacks by quarantining systems, suspending access or increasing vigilance and monitoring levels on critical systems.


Cyber risk visualisation

Huntsman’s real-time dashboards provide real-time visibility and oversight of your security status. This means your security team can instantly see changes or potential issues and access technical and diagnostic data. Huntsman’s dashboards can be fully configured and customised to your needs.

Huntsman can also provide ad hoc and scheduled reporting (including automated despatch to recipients). This means trouble-free presentation of security metrics, KPIs and status reports.


Cyber resilience

Huntsman delivers:

  • Real-time collection and processing of log, transaction, network and activity data coupled with high speed correlation, extensive threat intelligence and true behavioural anomaly detection based on machine learning and profiling to detect anomalies, misuse, unknown unknowns and “unknowables”
  • Close integration with security controls and technologies, allowing intelligent extraction of rich log and alert data
  • Comprehensive support for alert and incident tracking, escalation and workflow to reduce the investigation time and effort and improve the consistency of response
  • Intuitive “business intelligence” interface supporting filtering, single-click drill down from data and charts, dashboard displays, query histories and tabbed results
  • Real-time contextual awareness for your security team


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