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Peter Woollacott

M Applied Finance and Business Administration

Peter Woollacott is the CEO and founder of Tier-3 Huntsman, and the driving force behind its success. He is an expert in cyber risk and security solutions.

Peter helped to pioneer Huntsman innovations including:

  • Real-time in-stream threat detection.
  • Machine-learning-based anomaly detection.
  • Continuous compliance dashboards.
  • Automated incident resolution in seconds.

These innovations continue to set the benchmark in the global security market.

Under Peter’s leadership, Huntsman continues to remain at the vanguard of IT compliance and security technology, and a go-to platform for enterprises that are serious about preventing, detecting and managing cyber threats.

He is regularly sought for advice on ways to use technology to reduce risk, improve governance and, ultimately, deliver competitive advantage.

Before starting Huntsman, Peter spent many years at senior and executive levels in major corporations, and as a strategic advisor to leading brands like CBA, AXA, PWC and Bain & Company.


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Mairead Keaney

M Engineering Science

Mairead Keaney is Huntsman’s head of EMEA. She is responsible for managing operations, sales, marketing and support, and works directly with customers and through channel partners to help reduce business risk.

Mairead’s particular skills in business building and development have been pivotal in the growth of Huntsman from its early days to an established global business with regional offices and a range of customers across the government, defence, finance, telecommunications and enterprise sectors.

Her view is that security should be more like keeping fit than climbing Everest: once an enterprise has ‘done the yards’ and achieved a certain level, it should be relatively easy to maintain. She also likens security to a moving target – enterprises need to keep alert and active to manage cyber threats.

Mairead has 25 years’ experience in senior management and IT roles with Vodafone, Optus and Lend Lease. Her background working with high-end defence and intelligence sector customers means she sees first hand where enhanced analytic and intelligent detection and diagnosis should be applied.


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Martin Buckland

BSc(Hons) Economics and Computer Science

Martin Buckland is the business lead for the APAC region responsible for customer and partner engagement as well as strategic business development. He works directly with customers, Huntsman’s channel partners, prospective customers and internal teams to deliver solutions that reduce cyber security risk.  Martin has over 25 years commercial experience developed across both international and domestic markets.

Martin is passionate about the need to elevate the discussion on Cyber Security to the boardroom, recognising there is a need to de-mystify the topic, rationalise and contextualise the business risk and assist in the development of appropriate mitigation strategies. As organisations undertake their own digital transformations their requirement for cyber security education will increase.

Before joining Huntsman Security, Martin held various Senior Executive positions across Travel, Hospitality and FMCG.


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Piers Wilson

MSc Information Security

Piers Wilson is Head of Product Management for Huntsman®. He is responsible for keeping the technology at the forefront of the threat detection and security intelligence market.

Piers provides high-level strategic input to the development and deployment of Huntsman solutions and thought leadership on security trends such as threat intelligence, security operations, automated threat resolution and the Internet of things (IoT).

He has particular expertise in:

  • Using threat intelligence to augment situational awareness and context around the incident response processes.
  • Leveraging externally available information and specific threat data to provide better detection, triage and diagnosis of cyber threats.
  • Using automation in threat resolution and incident management within end-user customers and managed service providers.

Piers has worked in the security industry for 20 years. Before joining the business, he was in the senior team leading the cyber security practice at PWC where he advised clients on emerging technology risk, cyber security, monitoring, data loss prevention, cloud security, managed security service provision (MSSP) and enterprise mobility. Previously, he was Head of Technical Assurance at Insight Consulting (part of Siemens) and worked with Vodafone in communications security and fraud detection.

His experience spans the finance, government, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, construction, telecommunications and technology sectors.

Piers is a Director and full member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) and a UK government CLAS consultant.

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Adrian Bishop

B Aeronautics and Astronautics

Adrian Bishop manages Huntsman Security’s engineering team across Europe and North America. He is responsible for maintaining Huntsman’s high levels of solution design, software installation, training, support and service delivery.

Adrian’s specialty is the successful integration of multiple systems to achieve security solutions that deliver more than the ‘sum of their parts’. He strongly believes that advanced cyber defence, along with real-time, proactive compliance management and reporting, are paramount for organisations to control their data, achieve cost-effective security risk management and reduce their time at risk when issues occur.

His current focus is to help customers utilise Huntsman Security solutions to deliver intelligent, dynamic and timely security management processes. He is an expert in leveraging automation and the advanced features Huntsman provides, like threat intelligence, data unification and threat resolution management, throughout the security operations lifecycle.

Adrian has been in the IT security industry for over 15 years and has provided security solutions to finance, retail, legal and government enterprises.

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John Liefeld

John leads the technical team for Huntsman and is responsible for the technology, its design and development roadmap.  He is a foundation member of the Tier-3 team.

John has over 25 years’ experience in systems architecture and software development, having lead major projects for Optus, Telstra and the Reserve Bank of Australia. In addition, he is a subject matter expert in database system development and data-warehousing. John’s experience has made a major impact on the design, functionality and ease of use of the Huntsman technology, and he continues to respond to user experience and recommendations.

John feels that IT should be an enabler of business not a barrier to it and that more IT departments should be problem solvers rather than problem makers. He feels that the first IT response shouldn’t be how difficult it will be to fix a problem; it should be how to go about it.

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David Teoh

BSc in Comp Science, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

David Teoh leads the Huntsman technical solutions team. He is responsible for designing and implementing SIEM solutions for customers.

David has delivered numerous Huntsman deployments including a PCI DSS compliance project for the largest credit card transaction centre in Australia, and ISM compliance monitoring solutions for major Australian government gateways which, combined, service over 20 different government agencies.

David is acutely aware of the need for security operations teams to translate security risk into actionable business risk. In recognising this need, he has orchestrated Huntsman technology that addresses the growing demand for actionable real-time security intelligence.

David is a foundation member of the Huntsman software development team and has more than 15 years’ experience in the security industry. His experience spans the government, banking and finance, telecommunications and Critical National Infrastructure environments.


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Katrina Mottee


Katrina Mottee leads the commercial and legal team at Huntsman Security.

Katrina is responsible for helping Huntsman’s CEO and business unit heads progress the company’s commercial position and contract development, and for ensuring it meets its legal and regulatory obligations. She also supports the contract delivery lifecycle by building lasting commercial relationships with Huntsman clients.

Katrina has 20 years’ experience as a solicitor in Australia and the UK. This has included senior roles at IBM Australia where she oversaw and managed complex national and international contract negotiations and disputes, and handled regulatory and compliance issues. Previously, Katrina worked at London law firm BCL Burton Copeland, where she provided advice and representation in large business crime, fraud and regulatory matters.

Katrina’s experience gives her a unique insight into the world of security and compliance, and what can happen commercially and legally when breaches occur.

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Angelene Buckland

BA (Hons) Business Studies, Chartered Institute of Marketing (DipM)

Angelene is responsible for Marketing and operational processes. She works closely with the team to develop channels of communication with customers, partners and prospects in order to share the benefits and features of the Huntsman cyber security solutions.

An experienced Sales & Marketing professional, Angelene spent 15+ years in FMCG Management (UK & Australia).  She is passionate in her commitment to work collaboratively with our partners and customers to deliver value and mutually successful commercial outcomes.


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