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The rise of the wearable

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The Apple watch, now available for previews and “trying on” looks set to really ignite the wearable and smart watch market.  Coming the same week as “Internet of Things” day it may be a sign that increasingly the enterprise work space is going to be a mesh of interconnected devices all happily chatting away with or without the knowledge of the users, wearers of the network support teams.

Our views on Internet of Things – and more saliently the “Enterprise network of things” can be found referenced several times this week:

But the rise of the wearable market and the connected watch will accelerate these trends.

With this looming wider adoption, businesses will see their email, data and contact information – currently held in mail servers, directories and CRM systems, as well as on people’s BYOD phones, tablets and laptops – now also accessible on the growing number of synched, wearable smart watches that communicate through Bluetooth or some other wireless protocol to the more traditional parts of the consumer electronic device market place.

Some obvious questions emerge:

  1. Are these smart watches and wearables accessible/connected to your networks or systems?
  2. Does your existing BYOD policy have the coverage or technical capability to police them?
  3. How well will they protect information as the wearer travels around from place to place and network to network?

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