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Peter Woollacott, Huntsman Security CEO

Huntsman Analyst Portal: Automated Threat Verification

When it comes to limiting the damage done by inside and outside threats, your time at risk is key. The longer your cyber security risk management system takes to detect, verify and resolve an attack, the greater the risk of financial and reputational loss. Every second counts.

Ponemon Institute’s 2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime revealed that it takes an average of 170 days from cyber infection to detection.  That means that organisations remain at risk for up to six months.  This problem is identified again in Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, where it observes that “99.9% of the exploited vulnerabilities had been compromised more than a year after the associated CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) was published.” And all of this is before the identified threats are verified, investigated and resolved which can take, astonishingly, up to another 200 or more hours per threat.  The result? it is almost impossible for analysts to make rapid security decisions.

The Huntsman® Defence Grade Security Platform  provides cyber security services capability in the crucial Threat Verification stage of the Threat Management process.  The technology collects and contextualises security data in real time, to automatically pinpoint the threats that matter: threat verification in seconds. The result? analysts can focus on investigating the real threats that matter which means an improvement in the organisation’s cyber security risk management.

Huntsman® is the preferred cyber security monitoring technology for an increasing number of law enforcement, defence, intelligence, telecommunications, critical national infrastructure and managed security services organizations. Today the same technology, developed and proven in some of the most demanding environments, is available to reduce the time at risk for your organization.

Defence Grade technology for military grade attacks.