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Huntsman Security’s defence-grade cyber security platform is built on the cornerstone Enterprise SIEM.  Our products are proven to deliver advanced security analytics, compliance management and reporting and cyber threat detection in on premise, hybrid and cloud environments.  Most recently we have created  the new Security Scorecard which gives continuous visibility of your cyber posture.


Huntsman Cyber Security Platform: An Overview


Huntsman Security Products


Combining policy based correlation with behavioural anomaly detection along with internal and external threat intelligence, Huntsman’s security analytics provides contextual and prioritised business risk and impact – presented in real-time. The Huntsman Cyber Security Platform includes:


Enterprise SIEM

The core Huntsman security monitoring, compliance and threat detection technology that provides:

  • High-speed real-time data collection, analysis and alerting
  • Real-time correlation from across the whole IT stack referenced with internal and external sources
  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection
  • Central, real-time whole-network visibility via a single LiveView console
  • Modular, scalable design and cost-effective, flexible licensing options
  • Alerts to operators in real-time

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Cloud Security SIEM

The technology has all the features of the Enterprise SIEM, plus advanced monitoring & visualisation and full lifecycle data segregation.

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MSSP Multi Tenancy SIEM

The technology has all the features of the Enterprise SIEM, plus multi tenancy functionality to support a shared services environment with end-to-end data separation including individual access controls, reporting and data retention.  

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Analyst Portal

Huntsman Security’s Analyst Portal is a game changer in automated threat resolution.  Taking the outputs from cyber security detection solutions and automatically gathering related information from SIEM platforms, or the IT estate it enables rapid and accurate decisions to be made as to the nature of alerts:

  • Gathers data directly from the affected end-points to give clarity on the nature of an actual incident – in terms of the indicators of compromise associated with it
  • Provides confidence that benign or harmless issues can be logged and closed
  • Enables operators to get from detection to resolution in seconds, rather than minutes, hours or longer
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New Product – Security Scorecard

A new addition to our product suite, the Security Scorecard gives stakeholders real-time visibility of your organisation’s  cyber posture.  Why not explore the capability now.


Huntsman Security Products –  Overview Video 

Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management