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SmartCheck for Ransomware

SmartCheck for Ransomware

Assess your ransomware readiness

Quickly get on top of your organisation’s ransomware risk at any point in time.

Automated risk assessment & Exec-level visibility

12 Safeguards aligned with NCSC guidance

Reliable evidence-based risk reporting in minutes

Ransomware attacks grew 150% in 2020 and in 2021 it’s even faster. Good preparation, cyber security hygiene and a plan in place will reduce that risk.

Brenda Sharton, HBR, 20 May ‘21

Why organisations choose our
SmartCheck for Ransomware application to
fortify their cyber risk management

Automated risk assessment & Exec-level visibility

SmartCheck for Ransomware can be installed easily by your in-house team to connect to your security controls, and automatically generate an informative ransomware readiness report for senior executives and directors, in minutes. With its comprehensive Attack Surface Management (ASM) capabilities, SmartCheck for Ransomware automatically verifies your IT assets, measures vulnerabilities and reports any areas of changing cyber risk.

SmartCheck for Ransomware:

  • measures your readiness against a broad set of safeguards to reduce the likelihood of a damaging attack
  • verifies the effectiveness of your security safeguards to inform and guide your ransomware risk management process
  • provides clear visibility of the effectiveness of the recommended prevention, containment and recovery controls along the ransomware cyber-attack sequence
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and seamless reporting on the status of your risk management efforts


your cyber security score and reassess at any time

Full visibility

of your entire organisation and its endpoints, at any time

12 Safeguards aligned with UK NCSC & US NIST guidelines

SmartCheck for Ransomware gathers and assesses information from a set of security controls, as recommended by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) & the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), to assess your ransomware readiness and inform your risk management activities.

Our automated application rapidly determines and reports your resistance to ransomware by measuring the following 12 security controls across three cyber-attack sequence categories:

Reliable evidence-based risk assessment reporting in minutes

Your ransomware readiness activities should aim to firstly understand and maintain a strong cyber security posture with the implementation and maintenance of effective mitigating controls, risk management steps, and measurement for ongoing baseline monitoring and improvements.

SmartCheck for Ransomware produces a ‘to-do’ list of vulnerabilities each time it is run, to guide your team through risk mitigation, support ongoing cyber security improvement and maintain ransomware readiness across your organisation.

Equally important for your overall security is to understand the risk of ransomware outage and disruption that 3rd parties may cause your enterprise.  You can easily obtain assurance that your 3rd party suppliers have an adequate level of ransomware readiness by ensuring that they too, use SmartCheck for Ransomware to automatically assess their own ransomware risk.

SmartCheck for Ransomware can provide you with visibility of the ransomware readiness of your suppliers, to inform and guard your operations from impact and attack.

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Easy To Follow Steps

empowering staff with easy-to-follow mitigation steps

Evidential Trail

tracks events for reporting and pinpointing areas of concern

Your Security Rating, In Minutes

by using an automated process to avoid time-intensive manual reviews


Watch The Video

Explore the extensive Attack Surface Management (ASM) features and reporting capabilities of SmartCheck for Ransomware. Including:

  • a view of the dashboard
  • a quick look at the controls
  • example summary reports

SmartCheck for Ransomware Features

On-demand operation Measurement by control and in a consolidated view Visibility of the performance level of each technical control Accurate, evidence-based ransomware readiness assessment Live dashboards and data export available Aligned to NCSC & NIST ransomware mitigation guidance
Reporting Capabilities
Automates security effectiveness reports Executive security summary reports “To-do” list highlighting potential vulnerabilities for remediation Ransomware risk level determination Status report of prevention, containment and recovery defences
Light weight Agentless Up and running in minutes

SmartCheck for Ransomware Overview

Our SmartCheck for Ransomware application rapidly provides automated risk assessment by monitoring 12 Safeguards across the cyber-attack sequence that prevent and limit ransomware attacks. It can be deployed to interrogate and protect your systems, staff and third-party suppliers across your organisation, on-site and in remote or third-party locations.

Aligning with the:

By mitigating the risk of malware and ransomware attacks, SmartCheck for Ransomware:

  • offers ease of deployment for ransomware risk management
  • identifies vulnerabilities & produces a corresponding ‘to-do’ list for your security team to remedy the gaps and enhance your ransomware resistance
  • displays your assessed ransomware readiness score, and clear visibility for Management and Director-level reporting to support risk management activities

SmartCheck for Ransomware gives you a quick picture of your organisation’s risk exposure and a baseline readiness score – to guide the management of your ransomware exposure at any point in time, as your threat environment changes or your third party connections change.

Do you have visibility of your ransomware readiness?

Visibility of the effectiveness of your key security controls is an essential element in managing organisational ransomware risk.

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