Essential 8 Auditor

Essential 8 Auditor, an immediate view of cyber security controls effectiveness

Execute a Cyber Risk Audit

The Essential 8 Auditor is a RegTech technology that delivers an immediate view of an organisation’s security control effectiveness against the Essential 8 Framework; eight key cyber security strategies found to mitigate 85% of cyber threats.

The Essential 8 Auditor is a cyber security auditing tool that provides an objective, quantitative measure of an organisation’s cyber posture to determine and alert you to any gaps in key cyber defence strategies. Using the Essential 8 Auditor, you can measure performance when you want to; no more waiting for that once a year audit report to see your ‘score’ and details of what needs to be fixed.

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The Essential 8 security controls – what they are and why they are important 

The Essential 8  (E8) Framework was developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).  It is a prioritised list of practical security controls  that organisations can implement to make their organisation’s information more secure.  They have been found to mitigate up to 85% of cyber attacks. You can read more at the Australian Government site.

No matter what jurisdiction you are in, or which framework your government recommends, the key eight security controls are recognised as critical to cyber resilience  as they prevent attacks, limit the impact of attacks and recover data and system availability.


ACSC Essential 8 Framework


Gain objective visibility of  key performance metrics

The Essential 8 Auditor quickly and objectively answers the question “what is my organisation’s cyber posture?”

  • Immediate audit of of your security controls effectiveness against the Essential 8 Framework
  • Determination of  your environment’s maturity against the Essential 8 (levels 0-3)
  • Benchmarks performance against Essential 8 maturity level 3
  • Essential 8 policy coverage across your environment
  • The basis for compliance reporting and annual attestations

How the Essential 8 Auditor works

The Essential 8 Auditor automatically gathers data from ongoing security operations and through direct connections to systems and configuration interfaces to determine coverage, identify weak points, policy failures and vulnerabilities against each of the controls.


Essential 8 Auditor - Application Whitelisting summary

Essential 8 Auditor – Application Whitelisting Maturity Summary


Fast self-installed agentless software

The Essential 8 Auditor is self-installed agentless software making it quick and simple to deploy, when convenient to you and your organisation. You don’t need to invest days and weeks of of your team’s valuable time, nor do you need to pay expensive professional services costs.


Execute a Cyber Security Audit when you want it

Using the Essential 8 Auditor means you can review an organisation’s security controls effectiveness, when you want to.  It can be used for a number of different purposes:

  • Internally, to determine an objective measure of cyber risk exposure
  • Internally, forms the baseline for Annual Compliance reporting and Cyber Risk Attestations
  • Externally, an auditing tool for Security Consultants, Auditors and Risk & Compliance Managers


Want to find out more? 

If you are looking for an immediate view of an organisation’s security controls effectiveness download the Essential 8 Auditor brochure. Alternatively, if you want continuous measurement and management, then the Essential 8 Scorecard could be the product for you.

Download Essential 8 Auditor Brochure Download  Essential 8 Scorecard Brochure