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Essential 8 Auditor

On-demand cyber vulnerability & maturity assessment

Be on top of your organisation’s cyber security hygiene at all times.


with a cost effective, automated out-of-the-box resource


to know your cyber maturity rating in minutes


to report on your risk management status against the Essential 8 controls

Ransomware attacks grew 150% in 2020 and in 2021 it’s even faster. Good preparation, cyber security hygiene and a plan in place will reduce that risk.

Brenda Sharton, HBR, 20 May ‘21

Why organisations choose
Huntsman Security’s Essential 8 Auditor tool to
manage compliance & cyber risk


Cost and Time Saving

Essential 8 Auditor offers cost and time savings for Security & Risk teams, who typically run their own manual or 3rd party auditor assessment against the Essential 8 controls. It equips you to know your cyber maturity rating within minutes.

Typically, organisations follow a manual assessment. Teams have the time-consuming task of identifying a range of issues from rogue or legacy machines, to unlicensed devices as well as cyber vulnerabilities – a task that can take weeks to complete. However, the Essential 8 Auditor automates and shrinks this activity to a few minutes, and can be repeated at any time.

Utilising the Essential 8 Auditor tool, analysts can easily connect to all of your organisation’s data sources and endpoints and within minutes, visualise your cyber maturity score, enabling mitigation by following a simple ‘to do’ list.

Additionally, the Essential 8 Auditor is an out-of-the-box tool that is quick to install and set up, not requiring external staff or specialists for implementation or use. Starting at a $6,500 investment, we find that our customers quickly generate payback on their investment within the first few weeks of use, with this highly effective cyber security diagnostic and reporting tool.

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Easy installation

allows for self-installation, with optional support from Huntsman Security

Your Security Rating, In Minutes

by using the Essential 8 Auditor to avoid time-intensive manual reviews

ROI within weeks

with the Essential 8 Auditor's ease of set-up, automation and cost-efficient annual fee


Risk Management & Compliance

For organisations with growing IT governance obligations or those that simply prioritise risk and cyber security management, the Essential 8 Auditor can be of major assistance in your security uplift program. It provides an evidential trail of performance, and pinpoints the areas of concern, giving visibility to both IT and Executive teams.

The Essential 8 Auditor supports you in mitigating up to 85% of targeted cyber-attacks, identifies an easy-to-follow remediation list, and empowers both IT and Executive teams to better guard your organisation with the automated checks and balances that align with the Essential 8 security controls.

For Federal Government departments required to report against the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) or State based departments seeking to assess compliance with their State or Territory’s Information Security Policies, the Essential 8 Auditor is a simple solution to enable compliance.

The added range of reporting for Director level, as well as management and staff, supports strong cyber risk management and transparency, and offers full visibility of your entire organisation and its endpoints, at any time.

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Full Visibility

of your entire organisation and its endpoints, at any time.


reporting against Government security policies of all levels

Evidential Trail

tracks events for evidential reporting to pinpoint areas of concern


Automation, accuracy & verifiability

The Essential 8 Auditor automates and accurately reports on the status of your risk management efforts against the Essential 8 controls.

Executives and Management value the Essential 8 Auditor as it provides an evidential trail of performance on-demand. It identifies cyber vulnerabilities, provides benchmarked ratings against the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential 8 controls and, pinpoints areas of concern across IT systems, users and third-party suppliers.

Automated and trackable remediation activities allow analysts to run subsequent assessments (without any additional licensing costs) to instantly measure any changes in your organisation’s cyber security performance that might result from mitigations having been applied.

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and seamless reporting on the status of your risk management efforts

Easy To Follow Steps

empowering analysts with easy-to-follow mitigation steps


your cyber security score and re-assess your score at any time


A snapshot of Huntsman Security’s Essential 8 Auditor tool.

See how the Essential 8 Auditor can automatically assess security controls across your entire environment, to produce an immediate and verifiable measure of their maturity.

A quick look at the Essential 8 Auditor's key features

On-demand operation Empirical measurement Accurate compliance “gap analysis” Live dashboards (data export available) Evidenced-based assessment
Reporting Capabilities
Automates security effectiveness reports Executive security summary reports “To-do” list of non compliant endpoints ACSC Security maturity level determination (L0 – L3) Basis for annual reporting obligations
Light weight Easy self-install Agentless Upgrades to latest ACSC Essential 8 recommendations
Product Support and Service
Phone/Email (incl.) Onsite available

Essential 8 Auditor Overview

The Essential 8 Auditor provides on-demand cyber vulnerability & maturity assessment, to measure your security compliance against the ACSC Essential 8 framework. It protects systems, staff and third-party suppliers across your organisation, on-site and in remote locations.

Our easy-to-use tool, allows you to measure your Essential 8 maturity score in minutes, and then produces a comprehensive ‘to-do’ list of issues for resolution for your Security & Risk team.

Once mitigation activities are complete, the Essential 8 Auditor tool can be run again (no limits on the frequency of usage) to produce your updated Essential 8 maturity score and gives all parties a clear picture of your cyber security control effectiveness.

Our Essential 8 Auditor hands you the control over your organisation’s cyber security rating at any point in time, and provides on-demand high-level summaries for executives, resilience metrics for improvement processes and prioritised ‘to do’ lists for the informed management of security control effectiveness

Don't compromise on the ease or reliability of your risk management process.You can be accurately measuring your cyber maturity in hours, not weeks.

Huntsman Security, 2021

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