Risk Management & Reporting

Staff scarcity will impact your cyber security resilience

The shortage of skilled personnel in cyber security will continue to challenge organisations for some time to come. In Australia, recent figures confirm a deficit of more than 3000 specialists by 2026. In the UK, a recent study by Russell Reynolds Associates,...

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Attack Surface Management

Sometimes new terms enter the lexicon that represent a genuinely new technique or approach to a problem; other times those similar sounding techniques can turn out to be solving a different problem.  This linguistic dance of marketers and analysts ends...

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The changing nature of cyber security insurance

Cyber security insurance used to be like any other risk management tool. Manage it by building internal expertise, outsource it to a specialist provider; or lay it off to an underwriter or insurer. Cyber insurance has been seen as an effective risk management...

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Penknives and Ransomware Risk Assessments

Keen campers, scouts and even the Swiss Army know – that a good penknife is indispensable. This simple device has mitigated many a disaster at one point in time or another. Whether it’s to cut through a bit of string, tighten a screw or simply...

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Operationalising IT security reviews

Commissioning or undertaking a security review is a familiar process for most security managers, internal and external auditors, CISOs and risk owners. The growing responsibilities of directors for the effective management of IT risk almost guarantees...

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