Any business can be the target of cyber attackers or find itself exposed through the actions of malicious insiders. Adopting industry specific cyber security techniques will help reduce risk.

The levels of risk, the nature of compliance standards and the scale of impacts and losses can vary – but core principles remain – the need to detect breaches quickly, understand them and have confidence in the remediation processes that security operations teams follow.  Huntsman solutions are in use across all industry sectors.


Central & Federal Government

As custodians of large amounts of personal data and national security information,   defence-grade cyber security and compliance are essential.  The impact of attacks are high, attackers being motivated and well-funded adversaries


Local & State Government

At a regional level IT systems often support the provision of core citizen services and can contain information relating to finance, vulnerable individuals, child welfare and other sensitive


Defence & Intelligence

The need to secure Government defence and intelligence networks is clear; state-of the art cyber threat detection, real-time processing and accurate operations decision making play a major role in safeguarding these systems.


Criminal Justice

The high value of information and critical nature of security  in the criminal justice sector means that risks need close attention; where personal data, ongoing investigations, counter-terrorism and high profile fraud cases are concerned the scale of a security breach – particularly if that isn’t detected and responded to in a timely way – are significant.


Banking & Finance

In the world of finance – whether that is retails banking, investment management, payment processing – there is a thin line between cyber security and risk and the resulting exposures to fraud, financial loss and breaches of sensitive data



In telecommunications the management of advanced and high bandwidth infrastructure often sits alongside the delivery of managed services and hosting or cloud provision at considerable scales.  Telecommunications providers also have to work within a regulatory regime that can impose its own constraints


Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector sits firmly within the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) space – serious repercussions can arise of systems fail or suffer from attacks.



For mining organisations the need to safeguard operational information, conduct activities in hostile environments and manage a fluid workforce with large numbers of contractors means that IT security controls need to be agile and responsive – whether that be identity and access management, system provisioning, vulnerability management or security monitoring and threat detection.


Retail & Wholesale

While past challenges have revolved around compliance to PCI-DSS standards, the recent breaches in retail organisations have refocused efforts around more advanced cyber-security and the need to more effectively defend systems, detect breaches and respond to attempts to steal data or compromise systems.



In the highly fluid and dynamic nature of academia, where the nature and openness of the IT campus, the demands of modern scientific research and highly advanced computing platforms come together there is a need for a unique blend of monitoring and security to provide effective oversight and confidence that systems are not at risk or that data is not vulnerable.


Cloud & Online Services

Cloud provision is a rapidly growing market, with continual investment by business.  One of the restraining factors has been the security and sovereignty of data and systems – as this drive for assurance, visibility, defence and control increases there will be a clear choice for businesses – use a cloud provider who does provide effective security and visibility, or use one that doesn’t.


Managed Security Services

Many managed security service providers use Huntsman to provide comprehensive security monitoring, data management, compliance reporting and threat detection services to their customers.

In a highly competitive industry the ability to make service delivery processes automated, optimised, repeatable, auditable and scalable is a key aim; one that Huntsman’s technology supports directly.